New term Task Lighting - Back to School Special

Wow, where has this year gone!  For some it's a new school term but for others it brings the start of further education, fleeing the coop and heading off to University to gain that all important degree. Three or four years of student life, learning, revising and socialising as well as living away from home and fending for yourself for the very first time. Your bags are packed and you've said your goodbyes, you're off into the big wide world. As well as revision books, food and clothes, it's important to think about your living situations once you get to your new accommodation. Typical student halls of residence can be basic and a little unimaginative, think about how you want to spend your study time, either in a dull darkened room with plain walls or a bright study oozing with creativeness, your new room should reflect your personality. We've created a new board on Pinterest highlighting our favourite inspiring images and products great for a new student room and back to school study area, check it out here.

Task Lighting for your student halls

Whilst you may run out buying comfy duvet covers and quilts, clothe hangers and storage boxes, there's one essential product that sometimes gets left in the shadow but its something that's vital for everyday activities and that's Task Lighting. Lighting in basic student accommodation particularly halls of residence has little to be desired, usually consisting of generic spotlights, track lighting or harsh fluorescent tube lights that don't have much imagination and can look quite harsh and clinical. Adding a few of your own lighting sources will help with concentration, will make it easier for visual tasks and will create a more pleasant ambience in the room.

For those sharing a room this term, lighting up your student halls is even more important, you need to think about a separate lighting scheme for the both of you. With differing class schedules and social activities you'll both be coming and going at all hours of the day and this is where possible disagreements may arise. You could be getting ready for an early morning lecture whilst your room-mate is sleeping in till dinner, or you're trying to get some last-minute study time in late at night whilst they're heading off to bed. Either way, a harsh main light beaming overhead as you try to sleep is a recipe for disaster.

This is where task lighting comes in.. Adding Task lighting to your student halls is imperative for an easy and practical student living. These types of fittings help with focus and concentration whatever work you're doing whether it's studying, reading or working on the laptop. Task lighting creates a direct pool of light which is controlled to a specific area, perfect when sharing a room with someone else. This week we'll be looking at our newest ranges of task lighting, arriving just in time for the new term. For more information on Task Lighting check out our blog on choosing the right Desk Lamp.

Skula Task Lighting Collection

skula-lifestyle (1)-min

When it comes to lighting, decorating and creating a personal look for your student accommodation you can sometimes be limited with your options, but with some Desk Lamps and Easy to fit shades it's simpler than you think and can be done with a budget. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom when it comes to your study areas. Most student accommodation has a basic neutral canvas of creams and off-whites, a blank canvas just waiting for a some creative and colourful interior ideas to be thrown at it. Inject some colour into your student digs with our colourful range of task lighting, the newest collection which arrived this week is our easy to assemble Skula Task Lighting Range. This stunning new collection comes in either a vibrant green or a contemporary black and arrives flat packed which is great for when you eventually graduate and leave the campus. Featuring a solid circular coloured base with a simple silver arm, a cone shade perches atop finishing off this eye catching piece. When dressing your student halls interior take inspiration from the calming and contemporary green of our Skula Table Lamp in Green, compliment with accents of this vibrant tone through the use of cushions and throws such as our Fleece Throw in Green. If you're lucky enough to have a ceiling light go for a quick easy to fit shade, the metallic silver finish of our Zany Silver Tall Cone Lamp Shade matches perfectly for a super contemporary feel. You can finish the look with some sleek silver and chrome accessories such as magazine racks and ornaments.

Create a contemporary vibe in your student digs with our Trendy Task Lighting Range, check out our look book for more contemporary pieces.

New Bendy Task Lighting

Another newbie for the week is our Philips 1 Light LED Bendy Task Light Collection, a great little invention, featuring a two way installation option. It allows for a practical and versatile easy to install light fitting. Choose from either a wall mounted option which involves a simple screw fixture or for a more versatile and easily manoeuvred option choose the clamp mechanism. Using the clamp feature allows you to position the task light wherever you need it and you can easily change its location to suit your needs at any time. Clamp onto the edge of your desk or attach to a shelf, you can even clip it onto an overhead ledge. Why not fix it to your bedside or headboard for late night reading in bed or position it atop your wardrobe for when you're getting dressed. The focused light means you won't wake your house-mate up but will still give you a bright enough illumination to study with ease. The in-line switch feature makes for a practical and easy to use element and again will prevent you disturbing other people in the room.

The integrated 2.5 watt LED Bulb allows at least 20 years illumination so even when you graduate you'll be able to use this light for years after... As well as a practical clamping element, this collection also features a super bendy arm which allows more flexibility with your illumination. Bend and twist, curve and straighten the arm to give the best direction of light. It really can be bent into any direction. Finally, this collection is available in three sleek and contemporary colours, so whatever your student accommodation interior is, one of these colours will easily compliment.

Timmy Task Lighting Range


Our Timmy Task Lighting range is the ultimate student buy. It's cheap, colourful and easy to assemble. A super light-weight little gem that will add a pop of colour to your drab student dig. The slimline feature is a great space saving element, perfect for smaller study areas. Whilst the adjustable neck element offers a practical direct light source which can be angled and directed to where you need the light. This contemporary range is available in four great colours that will suit any colour scheme. This range also includes two handy Timmy 1 Light Clip On Spotlights for a more concentrated illumination.

Flexi Lamp Task Lighting Range


For a more traditional study look check out our extensive Flexi Neck Task Lighting Range, available in every colour imaginable you can be sure to find one that suits your mood. This traditional desk lamp design has been given a modern twist with a glossy powder painted metal finish. Boasting a practical flexi neck it can be adjusted to give a direct illumination exactly where needed.

Task Lighting doesn't have to be modern and contemporary. If you're not a fan of the super sleek chrome look then add a splash of colour with one of our coloured task lighting ranges and create a quaint little study area. See our look book below where we've pulled together some feminine and colourful accessories to compliment our Timmy and Flexi Neck Ranges. Choose a colour scheme such as pretty plum and purples or tranquil teals and blues and add complimenting stationary and soft furnishings to match. Our red and purple Timmy Lamps look great against ditsy print fabrics and floral designs whilst teals and blue hues could set the scene for a nautical look.

10 Essential Items for your Student Halls

Now that you're clued up on what lighting to have we've pulled together some other essential items when it comes to packing up for University and preparing to live away from home.

1.  A large part of University will involve eating and drinking so be sure to stock up on some cutlery, glasses, plates and your favourite mug from home.

2. A must have electrical device for all student accommodation is an extension lead. Think about all your gadgets that will need plugging in. Phone, laptop, desk lamp, hair-dryers.. the list is endless.

3. There's not much space when it comes to student accommodation so take advantage of any forgotten areas such as under your bed. Invest in some handy storage boxes that can be neatly hidden and accessed when needed.

4. Shelving is an obvious choice, it's ideal for storing files and important items at arms reach and within eye level. You should get permission first before you start hammering walls.

5. If you're sharing a bathroom it's always handy to have a little toiletry bag or bathroom carrier to hand. Keep all your shampoos and creams together and separate from your room mates.

6. Create an organised study area by adding a wall calendar above your desk. Keep track of your class schedule and deadlines for an overall stress free area for your time at university.

7. If you have the room, throw in some beanbags or a futon for an extra seating area, perfect for group study sessions or movie nights.

8. Invest in some earplugs or for gadget lovers purchase some soundproof headphones. Now nothing will distract your last-minute late night study sessions.

9. As term time starts on the cusp of the Autumn season and the nights get a little chillier think about extra bedding, cushions and throws to get you through those cold nights.

10. Don't forget to pack some spare hangers and possibly an extra clothing rack if you have the space. An over the door hook comes in handy for coats and dressing gowns.

Are you ready for the new term? What's your favourite interior theme?