Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom Wall Lights

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  1. Molice Ribbed Opal Glass Bathroom Wall Light -23.08%
    Molice Ribbed Opal Glass Wall Light
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £30.00
  2. Marquis by Waterford - Annalee LED Bathroom Wall Light - Chrome -27.27%
    Marquis by Waterford - Annalee LED Wall Light - Chrome
    £110.00 Sale Price £110.00 £80.00
  3. Crista Bathroom Wall Light - Chrome -34.69%
    Crista Bathroom Wall Light - Chrome
    £49.00 Sale Price £49.00 £32.00
  4. Cleeve LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £209.00 Sale Price £209.00 £192.00
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Wall lighting is a fantastic feature when it comes to creating mood and tone within your interiors. Bathroom wall lights & spotlights give accent lighting which accompanies larger ceiling lights perfectly. This offers versatility to the lighting especially when combined with unique bathroom wall lights, and ceiling lights which are a necessity in any bathroom environment. Different styles of bathroom wall lights can be used to great effect as they are able to adjust and adapt to the different functions that they are used for.

Bathroom Wall Lighting

Having bathroom wall lights within your home can:

  • give a more relaxed feel;
  • compliment your existing fittings;
  • introduce an extra sense of style;
  • produce a versatile and effective lighting layout.

Layering the lighting produces a more sophisticated theme in your home, and is superb for giving a great all round look to the lights. You can then select which layers of the light you want to use at various different points, allowing you to have full control within your bathroom.

To ensure safety with bathroom wall lighting & wall sconces, you must make sure that they are fitted by a qualified electrician and also be careful to check whether the fittings are IP rated. IP ratings allow the fitting to be used in certain areas without danger. An IP44 rating is suitable in bathroom zone 2 and the outside zones, for instance.

Why buy at Litecraft?

Litecraft is the second largest lighting store in the UK, and have been supplying you with high quality lighting for over 60 years. This wealth of knowledge and experience in the field is great when it comes to helping you select the new fittings for your home, as we have a brilliant insight into the style of fitting and the trends which would work well in any kind of home.

Head over to the fantastic Litecraft blog for a wide range of hints and tips for use in and around your home environment!

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