Fire Rated Downlights

Fire Rated Downlights

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    3 Pack of Fire Rated IP20 Rated Recessed Downlight - White
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Home lighting is one of the most interesting and intriguing features that you can bring into the interior of your homes, and with the endless possibilities and combinations that you can create with the different forms of light, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Combining different styles of light allows you to create a more thorough lighting arrangements, and gives it the ability to function in a variety of different situations, from a soft and soothing tone created by table lamps, to a direct and focused style of light produced by spotlights.

Fire Rated Downlighters

Downlights are a great way to offer a subtle and stylish form of light to your home, as they have a more discreet look thanks to the recessed design, and also give a more direct and useful style of lighting that can be utilised with greater ease.

Fire rated LED downlights make a fantastic addition to your home as they can:

  • offer lighting which is focused and practical;
  • give a stylish yet discreet image to the interior;
  • fire rated quality means they have an enhanced feeling of safety.

Fire rated downlights have a higher resistance to fire and flames, and this leads to them being a more functional and practical feature for use within rooms which may encounter these extreme conditions. These lights have a padding which swells when a certain temperature is reached, stopping the fire getting through and therefore halting its progress to the upper levels from that gateway.

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