LED Spotlights

LED Spotlights

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  1. Wallis 12 Watt Outdoor LED Spike, Spot or Wall Light - Black
    £55.00 Sale Price £55.00 £49.50
  2. 2 metre Track Light Kit with 6 Harlem Heads and LED Bulbs - White
    £159.00 Sale Price £159.00 £149.00
  3. Firstlight RGB 5 Watt LED MR16 Spotlight Light Bulb - Colour Changing -77.27%
    Firstlight RGB 5 Watt LED MR16 Spotlight Light Bulb - Colour Changing
    £66.00 Sale Price £66.00 £15.00
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Finding creative and inventive ways in which to light up your home can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of designing a new interior. There are so many different choices and opportunities at your disposal that the possibilities really are endless. With everything from floor lamps all the way to chandeliers, there’s something for every home.

LED Spot Lighting Fittings

Spotlights provide an excellent way to offer useful and effective light to your home whilst also retaining a superbly stylish image and contemporary feel. Spotlights offer a direct form of light which can be easily utilised when they are required. They shine in a focused fashion, providing a functional feel to your home.

Spotlights are a brilliant feature to have within your home, as they are more than capable of bringing the following qualities into your household:

  • useful lighting which is easy to utilise;
  • versatile lighting which can be positioned to face the areas where light is needed;
  • a stylish image is given to the interior;
  • a contemporary look which is perfect within the modern home.

Using spotlights in your home will also allow you to bring LED bulbs into your lighting setup, and these are superb for helping you to save money and energy whilst also ensuring your lighting is reliable and durable at a high quality.

Why buy from Litecraft

When buying lighting, it’s incredibly useful to have the opinion of the experts to ensure that you’ve found the perfect fitting for use within your home and its interiors. That’s why the friendly team here at Litecraft HQ love to offer you advice on any of your lighting issues or queries and make the entire process you go through to buy lights as simple and stress-free as possible.

For over 60 years, Litecraft have been providing UK homes with beautiful light, and we like to think that the experience gained in that time is invaluable to our customers. It allows us to track trends and developments to provide you with up to date information from the lighting world at all times.

To start looking for your next light fitting today, simply pop into one of our stores or continue to browse through our online catalogue!

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