LED Table & Floor Lamps

LED Table & Floor Lamps

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  1. Glow Flamingo Table Lamp - Pink
  2. Glow Rainbow Table Lamp - White
  3. Glow Flamingo Neon Light - Pink
  4. Bubble LED Glass Cluster Table Lamp - Chrome
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  5. Glow Boat LED Table Lamp - White
  6. Glow Butterfly Table Lamp - Pink
  7. Glow Bunny Table Lamp - Pink
  8. Glow Love Neon Table Lamp - Pink
  9. Glow Hexagon Table Lamp - Yellow
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Having a versatile lighting setup within your home is great for making each room more suitable for a wider range of functions, and allows you to make your home a more effective space for a variety of different uses. Lighting is an important part in ensuring that the tone and mood for each room, as it creates atmosphere an purpose through accent lighting, such as wall light fittings, and more direct forms of light, such as spotlights and downlights.

LED Floor & Table Lights

Table lamps are an excellent way to give an extra form of useful accent light to your home, and can do so in an immensely stylish fashion thanks to the array of stunning designs that they have to offer. You can find a traditional style with a classic feel, all the way to a cool modern piece with a contemporary edge; whatever your style, there’s a table lamp for you!

Table lamps and floor lamps are great additions to any household, as they can:

  • provide atmospheric accent lighting;
  • give a stylish look to the interior;
  • brings a flowing and smooth feel to your lighting arrangements.

Features such as floor lamps are also a fantastic way to offer a more stylish and unique feature into a room, as they usually have larger structure and can have a greater impact on the look of a room. One excellent improvement that you can make in your home is by using LED lamps rather than the traditional halogen or incandescent, as they give high quality lighting that can save money thanks to their low energy usage. LED lights are also much more reliable and durable than the standard bulbs, and therefore you will have to buy them far less frequently.

Shopping with Litecraft

The search for a new light fitting for your home can be one which is very complex, and which can have a huge impact on your home. To really complete the new designs for a room in a successful manner, you must find lights which give the right tone and mood to the interior, and advice from the experts can prove to be invaluable in these situations.

Here at Litecraft, we have been supplying homes in the UK with lighting for over 60 years, so it’s safe to safe that we have the knowledge and experience to be able to find the perfect fittings for your home’s décor. A visit to our blog will give you useful hints and tips on everything from bulbs to the chandeliers that you use them within, and a chat with our customer service team can help to put you at ease over your new purchase. To start shopping, all you need to do is browse our online store or visit us in one of our nationwide UK shops!

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