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All Wall Lights

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  1. Molice Ribbed Opal Glass Bathroom Wall Light -23.08%
    Molice Ribbed Opal Glass Wall Light
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £30.00
  2. Toscana LED Battery Operated Touch Mirror Wall Light - Chrome -63.77%
    Toscana LED Battery Operated Touch Mirror Wall Light - Chrome
    £69.00 Sale Price £69.00 £25.00
  3. Reeth Outdoor Industrial Style Curved Arm Wall Light - Pale Blue -16.67%
    Reeth Outdoor Industrial Style Curved Arm Wall Light - Pale Blue
    £42.00 Sale Price £42.00 £35.00
  4. Ellen Outdoor Fishermans Style Wall Light - Mint Green
    £25.00 Sale Price £25.00 £24.00
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Layering the lighting within your home is a great way to give a fresh and effective and atmosphere to your bedroom and living rooms. Having a combination of lights in your household allows you to dictate the mood, as you can have softer lights, such as lamps and wall lighting, or for relaxing and more direct lights, such as ceiling lights, for a more focused tone.

Wall Lights

By bringing wall lights into your home, you will also be introducing all of the following into your interiors too:

  • mood creating accent light;
  • a versatile lighting arrangement;
  • a sense of subtlety;
  • a comforting and relaxing feel.

The craving for a comforting feel within your home’s interiors is an understandable one, as it means you are given a safe space to relax and unwind within at the end of a long day filled with tasks and tests which have tired you out. Being able to come home to an environment which is tailored to help that is a genuine pleasure and joy to behold. Decorative wall lights and table lamps are great for this as they give a softer style of light which isn’t too direct and has a soothing appearance.

Shopping with Litecraft

When looking for home lighting, the advice from people who understand the business is invaluable. That’s why we aim to put our 60+ years of experience to your advantage when you buy with us, and offer you a range of hints and tips to help you discover the perfect lighting. As the second largest UK lighting company, we have a huge range of lights, and an even bigger knowledge-bank, so you know you are in capable and trustworthy hands.

To view our selection of products, simply browse our online catalogue or pop into one of our shops, which are located up and down the UK, where one of our friendly members of staff will be on hand to provide a helping hand with any of your issues or questions you may have.

We also have a full range of Outdoor Wall Lights available here at Litecraft!

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