LED Wall Lights

LED Wall Lights

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  1. Cleeve LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £209.00 Sale Price £209.00 £192.00
  2. Glow Hello Neon Wall Light - Pink
  3. Nura 1 Light Outdoor Wall Light - Black
    £28.00 Sale Price £28.00 £25.20
  4. Marsden Outdoor LED 6 Watt Wall Light - Black
    £50.00 Sale Price £50.00 £45.00
  5. Clent LED Bathroom Mirror Wall Light - Chrome
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £82.00
  6. Akos 30 Watt LED Slimline Outdoor Flood Light - Black
    £25.00 Sale Price £25.00 £22.50
  7. Leith LED Bathroom Mirror Wall Light with Shaving Socket - Chrome
    £149.00 Sale Price £149.00 £137.00
  8. Newton 31cm Outdoor LED Round Flush Wall Light - Black
    £55.00 Sale Price £55.00 £49.50
  9. Upton Outdoor LED Circular Wall Light - Black
    £28.00 Sale Price £28.00 £25.20
  10. Grato 8 Watt LED Outdoor Round Bulkhead Light with PIR Sensor - Black
    £28.00 Sale Price £28.00 £25.20
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Designing a new interior can be one of the most exciting things you can do for your home, as it can give you the look and feel that you desire, and can give you the perfect environment to be able to unwind and relax within after a long day of work. You can use a wide variety of features to try to create your desired look and image, however when it comes to the tone and mood within the room, lighting is the most vital component in the mix. Lighting allows you to create a greater sense of atmosphere in the household, which is ideal for giving it a more personal touch.

LED Wall Fittings

Features such as wall lights are great for adding the softer form of accent lighting to the surroundings of your interiors, whilst it is best to leave the main lighting to the central ceiling lights. LED technology is a fantastic advancement in the lighting field, and brings an energy efficient style of light that both reliable and durable to the household. This is useful as it gives you the opportunity to cut down on energy bills whilst giving effective and high quality light to your home.

Using LED wall lighting in your home can be very effective as:

  • gives wonderful accent light to your interiors;
  • introduces energy efficient lighting into your home;
  • creates a reliable and durable form of lighting for your home.

Using wall lights along with features such as table lamps helps to create a soothing lighting arrangement within your home, which is useful for helping you to feel more comfortable within the interiors. The LED technology will cut out the need to constantly replace the bulbs, as the lifespan of LED bulbs is far superior to that of the traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs, saving you money in the long run.

Shopping with Litecraft

Lighting is an immensely important part of the modern interior. It dictates the look of the décor, and also dominates the tone and mood of the room. So, it’s vital that you get it right. That’s where Litecraft come in, as with over 60 years of knowledge and expertise in the field as the second largest UK lighting company, we like to this we have the ability to guide you in the right direction.

With our expert hints and tips on the blog, and our helpful customer service team striving to answer any lighting query, you are sure to find the help you need from our lovely crew here at Litecraft HQ. To get started on the search for the perfect light fitting, simply visit us online or pop into one of our UK stores today!

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