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All Lamp Shades

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  1. Dome Bamboo Easy to Fit Shade - Burnt Orange
    £36.00 Sale Price £36.00 £18.00
  2. Rattan Easy to Fit Shade - Black
    £50.00 Sale Price £50.00 £25.00
  3. Metal Diner Easy to Fit Shade - Mustard Yellow
    £70.00 Sale Price £70.00 £35.00
  4. Wire Frame Easy to Fit Shade - Pink
    £36.00 Sale Price £36.00 £18.00
  5. L'amour Easy to Fit Light Shade - Grey
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £139.00
  6. 2 Pack of 14 Inch Coolie Easy to Fit Shade - Burgundy
    £28.00 Sale Price £28.00 £14.00
  7. 16 Inch Carol Empire Easy to Fit Shade - Black
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £29.00
  8. Madonna Easy to Fit Antique Brass Pendant Shade
    £79.00 Sale Price £79.00 £49.00
  9. Tiara Easy to Fit Shade - Black
    £59.00 Sale Price £59.00 £16.00
  10. Geometric Contemporary Easy to Fit - Chrome
    £49.00 Sale Price £49.00 £21.00
  11. Crystal Droplet Effect Easy to Fit Ceiling Shade - Chrome
    £49.00 Sale Price £49.00 £19.00
  12. Pleated Bow Easy to Fit Shade - Ivory
    £29.00 Sale Price £29.00 £20.00
  13. Layka Easy to Fit Pendant Shade - Clear
    £26.00 Sale Price £26.00 £20.00
  14. 16 Inch Empire Silk Easy to Fit Shade - Plum
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £29.00
  15. 10 Inch Carol Empire Easy to Fit Shade - Black
    £29.00 Sale Price £29.00 £23.00
  16. 16 Inch Enya Box Pleat Easy to Fit Shade - Mink
    £26.00 Sale Price £26.00 £20.00

Items 1-32 of 65

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Ceiling lighting is one of the most prominent features within any room’s designs, and this means that it must have a look and image which works well alongside the rest of the interior and gives a theme that flows in a stylish fashion throughout your home.Giving a stylish twist to your lighting can be a very intriguing task, as there are a few different ways to go about making the change. You could completely revamp the lighting setup with a gorgeous new chandelier or ceiling pendant light, or opt for a more simple and refined change that is quick and easy in the form of a lamp shade.


Lamp shades are a very useful piece to bring into your home because:

  • they are quick and easy to integrate;
  • they don’t require an electrician to be installed;
  • they have a great impact on the light;
  • they offer a very stylish image to your home.

Lampshades come in a variety of different shaped, sizes, and styles, giving you a large range to choose from, allowing you to discover the perfect piece to add to your lighting setup. Take a look at the array of lamp shades available on the Litecraft website if you are looking for high quality shades that will give a WOW! factor to your home!

Why buy from Litecraft?

When you shop with Litecraft, you will be given top quality service from the people who know best, thanks to the knowledgeable team and a business which has over 60 years of experience in the field. Our expert team also offer hints and tips over on our blog page, so be sure to take a look at this for any insider help for your household!

If you’re looking to find the perfect lighting for your home, be sure to take a look through our website, where our customer service team are on hand to help, or pop into one of our convenient stores for a more physical approach!

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