Bathroom Mirror Wall Lights

Bathroom Mirror Wall Lights

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  1. Toscana LED Battery Operated Touch Mirror Wall Light - Chrome
    £69.00 Sale Price £69.00 £29.00
  2. Aqua Glass Bathroom Wall Light - 3 Light - Polished Chrome
    £64.00 Sale Price £64.00 £20.00
  3. Elena Glass Bathroom Wall Light 2 Light Pull Cord Switch
    £59.00 Sale Price £59.00 £32.00
  4. Epsilon Mirrored Bathroom Wall Light
    £69.00 Sale Price £69.00 £29.00
  5. Meilos Fluorescent Bathroom Mirror Light with LED Clock
    £132.00 Sale Price £132.00 £109.00
  6. Molice Ribbed Opal Glass Wall Light
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £27.00
  7. Toscana LED Round 2x Magnifying Mirror - Chrome
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £57.00
  8. Crista Bathroom Wall Light - Chrome
    £49.00 Sale Price £49.00 £29.00
  9. Bredon LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £192.00 Sale Price £192.00 £160.00
  10. Pendle LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £173.00 Sale Price £173.00 £144.00
  11. Clent LED Bathroom Mirror Wall Light - Chrome
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £74.00
  12. Cleeve LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £209.00 Sale Price £209.00 £174.00
  13. Mensola 8 Watt 450mm Fluorescent Shelf Light
    £79.00 Sale Price £79.00 £51.00

25 Items

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Practicality is one of the must have features within the bathroom environment. You need to have lighting which looks great, but it also has to be able to provide lighting that can be utilised easily and effectively when it is needed. This versatility is very important for covering the range of functions the bathroom has, from the direct lighting needed during your morning routine to the soft and soothing light you want during your relaxing evening bath.

Mirrored Bathroom Wall Lights

Layering your lighting with a combination of different bathroom fittings is a great way to bring this into your home, and gives a more rounded and effective lighting arrangement to the entire room.

Safety is very important within the bathroom environment, and can be achieved by following these simple rules:

  • Follow IP rating guidelines.
  • Always get an electrician to fit your lights.
  • Only use fittings which are suitable for the intended areas.

Bathroom mirror wall lights are great for offering a more practical style of lighting, as they give you a clear view when you are using the mirror for intricate tasks such as shaving or putting on makeup. These types of activity require a lot of concentration and precision and better lighting helps to give this.

Buying with Litecraft

Shopping with people who know the field really does help to alleviate any worries or feelings of apprehension that you may have as you know you are in capable and knowledgeable hands. Litecraft have been operating in the lighting sector for over 60 years, and are now the second largest lighting superstore in the UK, meaning that when you buy with Litecraft you are given quality care from those who know best.

The fantastic Litecraft blog provides excellent hints and tips and will give you a helping hand when it comes to finding a new lighting style for your home.

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