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  1. Toscana LED Battery Operated Touch Mirror Wall Light - Chrome
    £69.00 Sale Price £69.00 £32.00
  2. Toscana LED Round 2x Magnifying Mirror - Chrome
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £63.00
  3. Square Mirrored Classic Face Clock - Chrome
    £144.00 Sale Price £144.00 £80.00
  4. Triple Bar Square Mirror - Silver
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £64.00
  5. 4 Corner Square Mirror - Silver
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £64.00
  6. Glitzy Square Mirror with inlaid Crystal Effect Studs - Silver
    £99.00 Sale Price £99.00 £76.00
  7. Triple Bar Square Mirror with Crystal Effect Glass - Silver
    £109.00 Sale Price £109.00 £75.00
  8. Square Clock with Smoked Mirrored Glass Frame - Smoke
    £144.00 Sale Price £144.00 £76.00
  9. Square Clock with Silver Mirrored Glass Frame - Silver
    £120.00 Sale Price £120.00 £83.00
  10. Square Mirrored Clock with Studded Crystal Frame - Silver
    £120.00 Sale Price £120.00 £83.00
  11. Square Mirrored Clock with Inlaid Small Crystal Style Frame - Silver
    £144.00 Sale Price £144.00 £76.00
  12. Leith LED Bathroom Mirror Wall Light with Shaving Socket - Chrome
    £149.00 Sale Price £149.00 £137.00
  13. Pendle LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £173.00 Sale Price £173.00 £159.00
  14. Bredon LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £192.00 Sale Price £192.00 £176.00
  15. Clent LED Bathroom Mirror Wall Light - Chrome
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £82.00
  16. Cleeve LED Bathroom Mirror Touch Sensitive Wall Light - Chrome
    £209.00 Sale Price £209.00 £192.00

26 Items

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The use of decorative mirrors in the home can really enhance the illusion that the area in a room is much larger than it actually is. Mirrors bring elegance and openness to any room, mimicking windows in a windowless room. They can be used as a great accessory, with great functionality. Introducing adjustable spotlights to bounce light off mirrors can brighten up and give a sense of depth to any room. That is why mirrors are a must have, and a staple to interior design used by stylists all the time. To maximise the space that you have, mirrors do the trick to create an airy feeling and an atmospheric feel.

Mirrors in interior

Mirrors assist in projecting light from ceiling fixtures and table lamps. This is always useful especially if you have a room that is small or windowless, mirrors can really help to create a sense of more space. When placed in the right places, they can create a great elegance and class to an interior. They’re not only great for taking outfit pictures in, but when placed behind table lamps, can amplify a lustrous glow to create a great mood. Here’s where we recommend placing mirrors to get the most out of their elegant and sleek designs:

  • place parallel to windows;
  • display behind table lamps to amplify light;
  • between windows to create illusion of a window;
  • placed adjacent to walls;
  • clustered on shelves amidst artwork and frames;
  • wall mounted with surrounding decorative wall art.

Shopping at Litecraft

We have 6 Litecraft stores across the UK. Simple use our Store Locator on the website to find the nearest store to you. So, if you are ever in doubt or want to see our fixtures in person then visit our stores where our customer assistants are there to guide through the process of buying from Litecraft.

We also have great advice on the Litecraft Blogs where we post on a daily basis about new trends and lighting advice to illuminate every corner of your room. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge about how to achieve the perfect lighting for any room in simple steps. We also post our latest updates on our Social Media channels so that you can find out the latest news and updates.

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