Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories

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  1. Decorative Twisted Braided Cable Nickel Light Fitting - Red -51.28%
    Decorative Twisted Braided Cable Nickel Light Fitting - Red
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  2. Decorative Twisted Braided Cable Black Nickel Light Fitting - Grey -51.28%
    Decorative Twisted Braided Cable Black Nickel Light Fitting - Grey
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Stylish features within your home help to give a fashionable image that is a true joy to spend your time inside. Lighting is certainly a very important feature when it comes to the look and feel of any interior, as features like ceiling lights will provide the main form of illumination to the room whilst smaller fittings such as wall lights will provide softer accent lighting that’s ideal for unwinding and relaxing with.

Switches, sensors and other accessories

Accessories for your lights help you to give a fantastic unique twist to your light fixtures, whilst also helping to enhance the light that is produced to ensure it is as effective and useful as it can be within your home. Features such as motion sensors help to make your lighting more practical and effective, as they trigger the lights to function whenever they are required.

Lighting accessories such as the following make fabulous additions to your home as they can help to enhance your lighting in a variety of different ways:

  • solar panels;
  • sensors;
  • switches;
  • lamp holders;
  • pendant and chandelier chains.

Accessories to enhance your lighting arrangements can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and can have an array of different effects on your lighting. Finding the right accessories to complement your lighting setup is also very important as it will help your fittings to fit into your home with greater ease, creating a flowing theme within your interiors.

Why buy with Litecraft

When shopping with Litecraft, you’ll get support and guidance from those who know the industry better than anyone, thanks to over 60 years’ experience providing UK homes with fantastic lighting.

Here at Litecraft, we love being able to help you find the perfect lights for your home, so if you have any questions or queries on anything, simply contact our friendly customer service staff for some help! For hints and tips from the industry experts, our blog is the place to be, as it is packed with news and tricks to help get the most out of your lights. Visit us online or in one of our conveniently located stores today to browse of range of gorgeous fittings, and start your lighting journey with Litecraft.

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