Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Our stunning range of floor lamps are perfect for adding an element of height and interest to your decor. They provide accent lighting whilst taking up minimal room, making them ideal for small spaces and hallways. We have a range of styles from subtle stick floor lamps to statement tripod lamps and task lamps.

Creating ambient and diffused lighting in the home could be the perfect glow that you need in order to complete a cosy abode. Utilising different styles of light in order to create layered lighting can really uplift the mood to an interior and give a room warm ambient lighting without being harsh. Often light that comes from ceiling fixtures can create shadows and uncomfortable glares which can ruin the vibe of a relaxing room. That is why layered lighting using floor lamps acts as a barrier to avoid harsh glares and create a softer, indirect hue.

Range of floor lamps

Floor lamps are great accessories to add some stylishness to a room along with a great glow of light. The light that is absorbed from a floor lamp is perfect for rooms in the home where you want to relax, provoke chatter and enjoy time spent with family. The soft radiance of light mean that you can enjoy a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Floor lamps are great fixtures for the following reasons:

  • provides diffused indirect light, meaning it provokes soft hues and avoids glaring light;
  • bring a fashionable yet classical statement to any room;
  • are great paired with table lamps which don’t necessarily need to match, balancing well to light every corner of the room;
  • avoids shadows so gives the illusion of a bigger space.

Here at Litecraft, we stock a range of different floor lamp designs, suitable for any interior. Floor lamps have been a noble piece to interiors for decades due to its consistent light source and fabulous design. Furthermore, we stock a range of floor lamps with integrated LED’s, which is not only long lasting but cost effective too.

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