IP Rated Spotlights

IP Rated Spotlights

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  1. 3 Pack of Fire Rated IP20 Rated Recessed Downlight - White
    £30.00 Sale Price £30.00 £14.00
  2. Bolton Bathroom 3 Light LED Flush Ceiling Spotlight Plate - Chrome
    £66.00 Sale Price £66.00 £49.50
  3. Sylvia 3 Light Bathroom Ceiling Spotlight Plate - Satin Brass
    £66.00 Sale Price £66.00 £49.50
  4. 2 Pack of IP65 Rated GU10 Tiltable Circular Downlighter - Satin Chrome
    £30.00 Sale Price £30.00 £21.00
  5. Hugo Single Light Bathroom Spotlight - Chrome -54.24%
    Hugo Single Light Bathroom Spotlight - Chrome
    £59.00 Sale Price £59.00 £27.00
  6. 2 Pack of IP65 Rated GU10 Tiltable Circular Downlighter - Satin Brass
    £30.00 Sale Price £30.00 £21.00
  7. Stanley Narva IP65 Fire Rated Fixed LED Downlighter - Satin Nickel
    £29.00 Sale Price £29.00 £20.30
  8. 5 Pack of IP65 Rated GU10 Tiltable Circular Downlighter - Chrome -45.26%
    5 Pack of IP65 Rated GU10 Tiltable Circular Downlighter - Chrome
    £95.00 Sale Price £95.00 £52.00
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Finding the right lights for your home is always a difficult task. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from that sometimes it can all become a little bit overwhelming. There is a whirlwind of wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps and many more to choose from, and finding a theme which works can be really tricky. The most intelligent and effective thing to do is to use a variety of these different styles, ensuring a versatile and relevant style of light for every situation.

IP65 rated Downlights

IP65 rated downlights provide perfect protection against dust and water, which makes it ideal for bathrooms and outdoor locations. 

These lights are a great feature to bring into your home as they:

  • have a downlight style which results in effective and direct light;
  • bring a discreet look which is very stylish;
  • are IP rated to ensure safety;
  • ideal for use in showers and zone 1 near water sources.

As these lights are also IP rated, it means they are protected from outside factors to a greater degree. IP ratings may vary, however most IP rated fittings will be suitable for bathroom use, provided they are used in the zones specified by the guidelines of the relevant IP rating.

Buy with Litecraft

Shopping for lighting is one of the most important parts of bringing together a new interior, as you must find the perfect one for the effect that you are trying to achieve. At Litecraft, we love to lend a helping hand to our customers when choosing and purchasing their new lights, and look to put our years of experience to good use.

Whether you’re stuck on which style of table lamps would be best for your living room, or deciding how you could use a chandelier in your bedroom, we’re more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

Simply browse our online catalogue or visit us in store today to discover the wonderful ranges that we have available!

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