Mother & Child Floor Lamps

Mother & Child Floor Lamps

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Home lighting is a great way to improve your interiors, and should be one of the major thought and features that you consider whilst designing a new décor. Lighting is going to be the feature which dictates the feel and mood within the room’s atmosphere, so it is vitally important that it is well suited to the uses the room is going to have. For more direct light, ceiling lights are a great option, but for a greater sense of versatility and functionality, lamps may be the way to go!

Mother & Child Floor Lights

Mother and child floor lamps are a superb style of fitting to introduce this to your home, as they have an array of features such as:

  • useful lighting;
  • stylish image;
  • fashionable design;
  • varied form of light.

Mother and child lamps gave a rather unique style, as they feature two different light sources, which produces a more useful effect within the room. The downlight piece is small and direct, and offers more focused form of light for completing tasks which need a clear view, and the larger uplighter light gives off a softer form of light that is perfect for creating a more relaxing tone within your home for unwinding within at the end of the day.

Shopping at Litecraft

Buying new lights can be very exciting, but it’s important that you consider all of the options available to you to ensure that you get the right fitting for your home. In certain rooms, you may be looking for a certain effect that is specialised to a ceiling light, wall light, or even floor lamp, and the wonderful team at Litecraft are here to help you on your way!

At Litecraft, we boast over 60 years of lighting experience, ands have grown to be the second largest lighting store in the UK, making us a trusted name.

To kick start your new lighting setup, simply take a look at our products online, or visit us at one of our shops!

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