Whether you’re tackling a stack of revision notes, working on an art project, reading a book or working at the computer, a desk lamp is vital. Usually one of the last areas we think about in our home is task lighting, but for safety and ease it really should be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to concentrating on a task. Without task lighting we run the risk of eye strain, headaches and loss of concentration.

The key role of a desk lamp is to direct light onto your work area. Whilst they come in a variety of styles and sizes, ideally they should all have an element of adjust-ability whether it is a flexible neck or a jointed arm.  It is this particular mechanism that enables you to focus light onto the specified area.

Aspects to consider when choosing the right Desk lamp:

Look around your room; do you have enough natural light coming in? If not then it’s best to choose a wider shaded desk lamp for a fuller coverage of the desk, our Litecraft Hobby Desk lamps and Benny light are all designed with larger shades.

For an intimate more specific glow onto a particular area, such as a book, it’s best to choose a shorter lamp with a smaller shade; this will give a focused impact of light. Whereas, taller lamps can cast a larger pool of light if you wanted to light up the whole desk.

Consider the right bulb, most task lamps included a halogen bulb which will produce a strong bright light, halogen lights can sometimes be too intense if you are working or reading for a long amount of time, in which case there are incandescent options available if you prefer a softer light.

Clip on lights are ideal for artists and people working in awkward spaces such as slanted desks and easels. They are also useful if you have a limited work space.

For a sturdy light its best to choose a wider base, most task lamps will have this element but it’s always best to check.

Finally, consider your décor; choose a modern chrome style or black colour for masculine business style rooms. If you have a more feminine room there are classic, coloured and retro options available. Alternatively, choose a funky coloured lamp to add a pop of colour to what can sometimes be a bland space.

Litecraft New Task & Floor Lamp Range

Our newest line of task and desk lighting is ideal for trend and interior lovers, boasting a retro design in 3 matt finished colours (White, Mocha and Grey) this new range is also available as a floor lamp. Perfect for study and home offices but will also compliment an open plan lounge kitchen style home.

Litecraft Flexi Neck Desk Lamp

Our Litecraft flexi lamp is a great budget line, it comes with a very easy to handle flexible neck, a wide shade to produce a large area of light and comes in 8 amazing colours from pretty plum, pink and red to green and blue, as well as the standard black, cream and silver colours.

Litecraft Halo Task Lamp

Our Litecraft Halo Style task lamp includes an adjustable swivel neck and shade to enable you to direct the light onto a specific spot and also incorporates antenna arms to adjust the height of the lamp. This modern design is available in white and black and requires a Halogen bulb.

Litecraft Observer Hobby Desk Lamp

Our Litecraft Observer Hobby Desk lamp has a retro design which is ideal for trendy interiors, featuring a polished look it has a flexi neck to enable the adjustment of light. The lamp has a wide shade which will give a wider expanse of light, perfect for lighting a whole desk. Available in 5 colours ranging from a contemporary white and chrome to retro red and cream.

Litecraft Hobby Desk Lamp

Our Litecraft Hobby desk task lamp has a jointed arm mechanism which allows for a broad range of movement, lower the light for a more intimate illumination or extend for a large scope of light. This light comes in Polished Chrome and Antique Brass, perfect for both contemporary and classic interiors.

Litecraft Loep Aluminium Desk Lamp

Clip on lights are ideal for artists and people working in awkward spaces such as slanted desks and easels. They are also useful if you have a limited work space, easily clipped onto most surfaces they can be angled by using the joint, spring hinge or flexi mechanism. Our Litecraft Loep Lamp and Gemini Clip light are ideal. The loep also has a Built-in magnifier for detailed work.

The Gemini clip on spotlight features a single bullet shaped spotlight for a single bright pool of light.

We’d love to hear what your tips are for the best desk lighting?