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The benefits of using LED Lighting in the kitchen

The benefits of using LED Lighting in the kitchen

One of the most unique interiors inside of any house is the kitchen area, as it is a room which has a range of different functions and which features a vast array of different appliances and zones to design. This makes the kitchen one of the most intriguing areas...
The benefits of using Outdoor LED Lighting

The benefits of using Outdoor LED Lighting

Creating a welcoming exterior for your home has never been more important. It helps boost morale for not just yourself but also for visitors to your home. It will also make your home stand out from the rest of the street. Whilst also offering a safe approach to...

Free LED Bulbs with every Fitting

Over the years LED Bulbs (light emitting diodes) have grown to become one of the most advanced technological ideas in the lighting industry. These small but solid little gems are a fundamental part of professional and residential properties across the world.   Our...

LED Lighting in the News

LED lighting is one of the most exciting developments in lighting since the invention of the bulb. Thanks to their many advantages over traditional bulbs, LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular in homes and commercial spaces. Here at Litecraft we are big...
led light fittings

Start using LED Light Fittings in your home

LED Light Fittings in your home The availability of LED lighting is dramatically increasing and here at Litecraft, we have a range of LED light fittings to suit your needs. Todays LED lights offer a safe, energy efficient lighting alternative for your home. How...

10 unexpected uses for LED lighting

LED lighting is the latest exciting development in the world of home lighting and technology. There was once a time when the use of LEDs was limited to laser pointers, remote controls, and indication lights on our TV’s, but now people are realising the many benefits...

LED Street Lights

Cities around the world are switching to LED street lights in a bid to save energy and money. LED lighting is now being rolled out as an effective method of illuminating our streets, replacing old and inefficient lights of the past. According to Justin Gerdes from...