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Restaurant Lighting Guide

A lot of thought goes into restaurant lighting and the main reason for this is you, the customer. The customer comes first, this is so true and it’s not just the food, service and music that needs to be taken into consideration when opening a new establishment....

5 myths and legends about LEDs

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are quickly becoming the most popular choice of bulb for commercial and domestic use. Yet there are still a lot of shoppers who haven’t been convinced enough to covert just so easily and we believe this is due to misinformation,...

Lighting Mistakes to avoid

Not using enough light Avoid relying on just one lighting source. Adding different levels of light and layering your interiors with pools of illumination will create a warming and intimate ambience as well as highlighting certain areas. Every corner of the home...

How light affects our sleep

How light affects our sleep Have you ever wondered how light affects our sleep. Also, why it’s so hard to get out of bed on a Monday? If you’re not a morning person, the reason could be down to lighting. Luc Schlangen Today we look at a recent white paper by...

Four health benefits of light

Four health benefits of light Health benefits of light. Lighting is an integral part of our lives; it sets the mood in our home, helps us to see more clearly when it’s dark and helps us with tasks such as reading and writing. But did you know that the light...