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  1. Competition: Autumn Decorative Lighting Giveaway
    Our range of decorative table lamps are ideal for achieving the comforting atmosphere in your room, each with a soft, warm glow that gently illuminates your room with a gentle, soothing feeling. Even better, we’ve decided to give one away!
  2. Nuances of lighting for ageing eyes
    Nuances of lighting for ageing eyes As we get older, our visual ability naturally declines. For instance, from the age of 40 many people will experience a noticeable and sometimes life changing nuances in eyesight. More so, this visual decline can cause a number of problems such as everyday task like reading but can also be a safety hazard such...
  3. Restaurant Lighting Guide
    A lot of thought goes into restaurant lighting and the main reason for this is you, the customer. The customer comes first, this is so true and it’s not just the food, service and music that needs to be taken into consideration when opening a new establishment. How the restaurant looks and feels is a key factor for a positive...

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