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  1. Guide to Master Bathroom Lighting
    Is there anything more elegant than a master bathroom? From free standing bathtubs to a beautiful arrangement of Mediterranean tiles imported straight from Italy, these extravagant bathrooms are what so many of us aspire to have in our homes. The perfect bathroom can recreate the feeling of being emerged in a luxury spa getaway – allowing you to de-stress and...
  2. Love Your Home this Valentine's Day
    If you’ve been looking for a way to jazz up your home décor with a fun seasonal look, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for you! We hope our Cupid approved interior ideas get you in the mood for the season to create an Instagram-worthy loved up look in your home. February is often seen as a transitional period and...
  3. Scandinavian Style Lighting: Get the look this Winter
    Welcome a winter style into your home that’ll look amazing all year round with the uber stylish Scandinavian trend. Taking inspiration from the experts, this style emerged in the early 20th century and began to thrive in the 1950s. Most recently, with a modern update, we have seen this trend come full circle and dominate the interior design industry with...
  4. Enhance and Uplift your Home Interior this Winter
    As the nights draw in and the dark days loom over, It’s around this time that the winter blues start to kick in, and with staying home being the new normal, many of us are bearing the brunt of it more than ever this season. With festivities in full swing, let’s not dwell on the past and look towards brighter...
  5. How to use Vintage Lighting in your Home
    Combine styles of the past and present by introducing some vintage inspired lighting into your home; it’s an aesthetic that is so en vogue this season.
  6. Why Cottagecore is Our Favourite Interior Trend This Autumn
    The cottagecore trend is all about warm, earthy tones, neutral colour palettes and natural elements; the perfect trend to bring into your home this autumn.
  7. Competition: Autumn Decorative Lighting Giveaway
    Our range of decorative table lamps are ideal for achieving the comforting atmosphere in your room, each with a soft, warm glow that gently illuminates your room with a gentle, soothing feeling. Even better, we’ve decided to give one away!
  8. Outdoor security lighting to transform your home
    Outdoor security lighting to transform your home As the days get shorter and the nights roll in, transform your exterior with our varied range of outdoor porch and security lighting – a safe, stylish, and energy-efficient must-have for every homeowner over the coming Autumn and Winter seasons. From driveways to wall lights, Litecraft has you covered to sufficiently illuminate your...

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