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Monthly archives: May 2015

  1. How to Give Your Interior a Maritime Interior Makeover
    How to give your interiors a Maritime Makeover Maritime is a mixture of nautical and industrial combined. It's a look that has grabbed hold of the interior world this past year. Consequently it's so easy to replicate. Think rustic fisherman lighting. Together with replica wooden ship wheels. Also distressed metal pulleys. Consequently it's less beach chic. And more gritty industrialism...
  2. Top Picks : 8 Balcony Flush Outdoor Wall Lights
    If your limited with outdoor space it's best to keep walls neat and uncluttered as to not overwhelm your surroundings. That's where flush outdoor wall lights come in. General wall lighting serves a number of purposes. Creating a welcoming light at entrances and doorways. A safety aspect. To offer a soft ambience during the darker winter months and a guiding...

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