Recently at Litecraft, we have been reaching out to smaller interior companies on Instagram whose products we feel work well with our own, to create some sideboard styling videos. The creative department have always adored the Bohemian look and we believe that this is a great way to give our followers some inspiration and maybe help to add this into your own homes. We have come up with three different looks that incorporate a selection of our lights, a stunning backdrop created from a stencil (kindly gifted to us by Dizzy Duck Designs) and some beautiful homeware pieces from Homeware Styles. We hope you like!

Industrial Boho

Two of our favourite interior trends at the moment are industrial and boho – they’re two of the boldest, most instantly recognisable looks and are capable of giving big style to any space. This does, however, leave us with one question; is it possible to combine these two eclectic styles together without being too overpowering or mismatched. We’ve taken a look at how you can bring these two looks together to create an industrial boho décor and we’ve got to say, we’re impressed! Check out how our experiment looked below – we’ve added in a few of our top suggestions and tips to help you bring this style into your home too!

Keep It Trendy with Industrial Design

Starting off with what tends to be the dominant theme in any décor whenever used, we think it’s best to kick things off with an industrial foundation if you’re going for an industrial boho combo. For those who keep up to date with interior design trends, you’ll know the basics for industrial design by now – raw and authentic materials with a robust style, utilising natural metallic tones and a weathered effect for a vintage twist on this fantastic look. One of our most eye-catching industrial features is the 3 Light Vintage Industrial Style Diner Ceiling Bar Pendant, which comes in a retro antique brass finish – perfect for your vintage style décor!

Eccentric Style Using Boho

Now for the more vibrant side of this interior style – bohemian! Boho design derives from Bohemia, which is a region historically founded in the Czech Republic. Boho utilises cultural and ethnic inspiration to bring a unique splash of colour and vibrancy to your home! This theme is sure to bring layer upon layer of texture, tone, and comfort to your home – creating a space brimming with personality and energy to relax, work, or enjoy yourself within! To give our industrial décor a bohemian twist, we used a wall stencil by Dizzy Duck Designs – they’re really creative pieces that help you to give a unique decorative edge to any space, and they can be reused!

Complete the Look

This is where it’ll be make or break for your industrial-bohemian interior, so you need to make sure that you get your final decorative flourishes right. Throw pillows are great for placing on a chair or sofa and you can find some really inventive boho inspired patterns if you take a look around! Blankets and rugs are also a great way to give a more comprehensive feel to your bohemian designs, whilst also bringing fantastic texture to the room. If you’re thinking that your interior is in need of a further injection of industrial style, our Traditional Style Table Lamp could be a fantastic fit – it’ll fit onto any side table or mantlepiece and gives a wonderful soft shine to the area that surrounds the piece. To take a look at this industrial yet traditional style table lamp click the link to take you to the product page!

Our accessories such as the labelled bowls and coffee cups were sourced from Homeware Styles – take a look at their catalogue at

As we previously mentioned, our 3 light diner pendant looks great in an industrial setting, but there’s plenty of other styles to choose from if that isn’t quite the ceiling light for you. At Litecraft, we’ve got a huge selection of industrial style pendant lights at, where you’ll find fittings in a range of structural designs and sizes to suit any space around your home, so you’ll be able to find the statement piece for every household.

Scandi Boho

As we’re moving into the summer, you might be looking to give a breath of fresh air to your home – but that means trying to find the right style for your, which can sometimes be a really difficult task thanks to the huge amount of options you’re faced with. One of the standout décor styles for us at the moment and our second trend we're looking at today is the Scandi Boho combo. Mixing one of the most minimalistic styles with a distinctively maximalist twist in a way that, rather inexplicably, works so well. This look has been taking over interior design blogs like crazy, so we thought we’d give you our own take on this hot off the press look. We’ve put together our top tips below, so be sure to let us know what you think and show us how you brought the Scandi Boho look into your own home!

Simple Scandi

Let’s start with Scandi. If you’re a keen interior design follower, you’ll already know far too much about Scandinavian style by now, but if you aren’t currently up to speed on the latest trends, here’s a quick overview of what it’s all about: Simple, minimalist design. A soft colour palette, Understated design and Rustic tones.

Now, how do you go about bringing the Scandi look into your home? We think it’s best to start simple – that is the overriding theme of Scandi design, after all. This could be anything from an armchair or a decorative vase – our Honey 1 Light Wicker Wave Ceiling Pendant is our top lighting pick when it comes to Scandinavian design thanks to its natural look and neutral finish, which is suspended from the ceiling for a slightly bolder effect. The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to overdo anything; you’ll want your home to feel real, authentic, and natural. Add the finishing touches with a quaint little feature like this ceramic house shaped lamp – this quirky piece looks great as a bedside light and gives a soft ambient glow to the surrounding area. Or choose our Ceramic Base Table Lamp finished in a Glazed Crackle for a statement look.

Bold Bohemian

The other half of Scandi Boho, the Boho half, is an incredibly different theme in contrast, with big colour and statement pattern giving a real sense of texture and a deeper layer of themes to any space. Bohemian design is all about embedding cultural and ethnic themes into your décor, using consistent colour schemes and unique patterns to give a really noticeable depth to your interiors. This overstated vibe doesn’t just apply to the colours and pattern either – you can follow suit with your furniture and accessories too! This Giant 1 Light Task Floor Lamp by Litecraft is sure to bring an eccentric and eclectic style to your home, definitely fitting into the maximalist ideology of bohemian style interior design!

Get The Look

For our Scandi Boho shoot, we collaborated with a couple of really cool companies, Dizzy Duck Designs and Homeware Styles, to create the perfect set to show off this brilliant trend. Our bohemian style backdrop was created with a stencil from and was really easy to use – you can even reuse them so they’re great for DIY lovers! Our accessories were sourced from Homeware Styles and we chose to go with a few of their more minimalistic white pieces like the labelled bowls, mugs and these dainty "Oh Happy Days" Candle Holders. To add a fresher look to the Scandi Boho look, we went with a simple leafy plant that can be placed on your side table or mantlepiece!

Beachy Boho

Boho style has been one of the most popular décor themes for what seems like an eternity, but it’s for good reason. It’s got a timeless feel and integrates and combines with other on-trend looks so well that it’s never too difficult to keep your bohemian décor looking fresh and on top. Seeing as the summer is coming thick and fast, we thought we’d show you how you can combine the bold boho style with a light-hearted beachy vibe in your home! Read on to see our tips on last sideboard styling trend - Beachy Boho and let us know what caught your eye in the comments section…

Choosing Your Colours

It might be a little bit obvious, but the colour scheme for a beachy bohemian interior is a very simple, bright scheme; the basic colours are clean whites and oceanic blue tones, which have a light and breezy feel that’s perfect for the summer. We’ve got a distinctively rustic Jug style table lamp at Litecraft that’s perfect for giving an authentic look and a splash of deep blue to your beachy spaces. The natural vibe is sure to have a calming effect, with the soft yet uplifting hues creating a really wonderful atmosphere and environment to spend your time within. Browns and greens are a great addition to the beach-inspired look, giving a more natural edge to your designs.

Get the Look

One of the most effective ways to give a new style to any space is through the lighting that’s used – it’s one of the most prominent features and also tends to be the piece that dictates tone and mood, so it has a pretty big effect on every interior. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite lights for this look, with a few different designs to choose from below:

Lantern Pendant Light - 3 Light Hall Polished Chrome

First up, a ceiling pendant light that finds a great balance between statement style and refined elegance. This 3 light lantern-inspired design boasts a round structure and chrome finish, bringing a sleek urban edge to your beachy boho décor! 3 central lights ensure that you get a brilliant spread of light across the surrounding spaces, combining style and practicality in one simple pendant.

1 Light Large Arc Floor Lamp – Chrome

Ambient lighting really adds to the feel of a room, helping you to create a relaxed atmosphere to unwind and relax inside of. With this curved chrome floor lamp, you’ll get a contemporary piece to bring into your interior’s designs, with a light white shade that’s perfect for this bright and airy scheme. Place the lamp beside a chair in a reading nook or beside your sofa to create areas with soft, comforting pools of light across your home. To take a closer look at this Curved floor lamp click the link for more details!

Beige Drum Shade Ceiling Pendant

A simple pendant light for any décor, our Beige Drum Shade Ceiling Pendant in Chrome is sure to give wonderful illumination to any area of your home. The neutral tone of the shade looks great in this natural décor style, with the grainy beige colour giving an almost sandy effect to the space – this looks great next to your whites and blues, offering a hint towards an oceanic vibe.