Geometric Ceiling Lights

Geometric Lighting is a trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon, it’s such a versatile style that can look great in any interior. Whether it be mid-century, scandi or contemporary. Today we’ll look at Litecraft’s top 6 geometric ceiling lights. You can’t go wrong with a bit of geometry in your home. Here’s a list of benefits when choosing geometric ceiling lights.

  • Can adapt to any interior setting whether traditional or contemporary;
  • Adventurous designs with a repetitive pattern and bold features;
  • Some geometric designs offer an exposed bulb feature;
  • Look great mingled with other styles for an eclectic feel;
  • Can give a modern twist to any home.

Contemporary settings will favour more with this style of fitting; however the versatility of a geometrical design allows this style to fit in any eclectic or traditional interior. That’s why this style is becoming increasingly more popular. Geometrical ceiling lights predominantly feature repetitive shapes and patterns of an angular nature. Inspiring angles and shapes makes this a brave and bold trend.

How to know if something is Geometrical?

It’s simple to spot whether a light fitting fits into the Geometrical category. Repeated shapes, angular designs and triangular features, all fit within this trend. Cage like fittings with a triangular structure that expose the inner bulb can also be included in the geometrical trend. Here are our top 6 stylish geometric ceiling lights available from Litecraft:

1) Ashley Pendant Ceiling Light Dual Mount Drum 9 Bulb in Chrome

A geometric cut out drum shade in a contemporary chrome finish with beautiful crystal drops subtly hanging from inside the fitting. The chrome finish gives this fitting a modern feature whilst the crystals add a more traditional twist. Combining these two styles shows the versatility of this piece, allowing it to fit into a range of different styled interiors.

2) Visconte Spark LED Dual Hoop Ceiling Pendant Light in Chrome

A dual hooped integrated LED fitting in a sleek chrome finish. This fitting would be ideal in a contemporary kitchen hung over a marble topped or glossy finished breakfast bar. The two statement sized hoops twist together to create a futuristic fitting. The chrome finish reinforces the contemporary design as does the integrated LED.

3) 6 Light LED Glass Ball Bar Ceiling Pendant in Chrome

A beautiful contemporary piece with angular arms and glass ball features from 6 chrome finished arms. This is a unique fitting that will create an impact so it’s not for the faint hearted. We’d recommend installing this in a large room such as the kitchen or dining room to create a statement feature. Due to the angled nature of the fitting, light is produced from several angles which creates a great ambience to any room.

4) Spiro Tubular Polygon LED Ceiling Pendant in Chrome

This polygon inspired pendant is for the more adventurous home owner. A unique fitting featuring a nest of wires together with multiple LED tubes. Each tube features a unique rippled glass effect but it’s the multiple wires that give this piece a geometric design. With a drop of 150cm this piece would look great suspended in a tall hallway or stairwell.

5) Geometric Contemporary Easy to Fit in Chrome

If you’re after a simple update or you’re renting, then opt for an Easy fit chrome ceiling light. Our Geometric Easy to fit shade features a simple chrome cage design in a geo inspired shape. The exposed bulb feature gives this piece an industrial twist as well as a geometric style. Simply fit around your existing bulb for a quick update. Our easy to fit ceiling lights are budget friendly and ideal for small or rented properties.

6) Visconte Corsica 7 Light Glass Rod Ceiling Pendant in Chrome

This glass rod fitting gives a unique twist to the geometric trend. A triangular double prism shaped pendant with a 7 bare bulb inner design. From one of our newer collections, our Corsica range is available in a number of sizes and also available in two finishes, black and chrome. This would be a perfect piece installed over a kitchen island. The exposed bulb design makes our Corsica range also great for an industrial interior, something to think about if you’re wanting to mix up your styles.

Top 6 Stylish Geometric Ceiling Lights

Top 6 Stylish Geometric Ceiling Lights
Top 6 Stylish Geometric Ceiling Lights
Top 6 Stylish Geometric Ceiling Lights
Top 6 Stylish Geometric Ceiling Lights

It’s so easy to create a geometric interior with geometric ceiling lights; keep to bold patterns, repeated shapes and you won’t have a problem. Mixing shapes to create an eclectic style is also a must, they’re all included in this trend so be brave and mix it up.

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