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  1. Lagom Inspired Lighting Giveaway
    THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED Lagom Inspired Lighting Giveaway Introducing Lagom, a minimalist new trend. Described as, not too little but not too much, just the right amount. We're loving this new calming style. As a result, to celebrate this new lifestyle trend we’re giving away one Lagom inspired light. Firstly, choose from 3 stunning designs. For instance, our popular...
  2. 7 Lagom Inspired Home Office lighting picks
    2017 is the year of ‘Lagom’. A Swedish way of living that is slowly creeping into homes across the UK. Like ‘Hygge’, Lagom has no direct translation but sits somewhere between contentment and practicality. The idea that just the right amount of anything is just enough. Decluttering your lifestyle and home is a key ‘Lagomism’ and one notion that we’re...

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