If you thought LED Lighting was something functional and uninspiring, think again. Here are some useful and unusual, practical and even a few innovative uses for LED.

LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) have now been pretty much accepted as the light of choice for consumers. Furthermore, homeowners and businesses who are keen to embrace a more environmentally friendly approach to living and working life. However, whilst it’s true that fitting LED's means you’ll have lower maintenance costs. More so, cheaper electricity bills, and, of course, plenty of light. Furthermore, have you considered the varied and interesting ways in which they can be used? For example, uses for LED are more diverse than you might think. More so. there are plenty of interesting ways you can install them. Therefore, here are just a few useful and unusual uses for LED.

Use for LED in the Home

One of the most useful, obvious and widely-used places uses for LED's is the home. And they have now come to heavily rival incandescent counterparts. Furthermore, when you think about the sheer scale and scope of their applications, their multitudinous uses are pretty staggering. For example, living room lights, reading lights, outdoor lights and security lights are just a few of the different uses for LED. For instance, to add an extra element of both comfort and safety to your home.



Accent Lighting

One of the more unusual, moody and evocative uses for LED is through a technique known as accent lighting . For instance, placing lights under cabinets or shelves to highlight particular spots or spaces. In this sense, they’re ideal for creating a focal point for a particular area or part of the room – and because they’re low energy and cost-efficient, you can afford several of them rather than simply one expensive light.



Uses of LED for Novelties And Toys

Party and festival goers know the importance of having a glow stick. To wave amongst the masses at the end of a good gig. Well, now you can have an LED alternative. Furthermore, they’ve also become popular to light up items of jewelry. For instance, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. More so, they are frequently used in novelty and children’s toys such as toy swords and toy guns.

Virtual Sky

Taking things one step further than the novelty applications of LED lighting mentioned above. For example, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed their own LED virtual sky panels. Furthermore, these are designed to replace office ceiling panels. More so, they give workers the sense they’re in an open field. In addition, it also improves productivity by up to 15%. Finally, there can’t be many employers who would argue with that.

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