Over the years LED Bulbs (light emitting diodes) have grown to become one of the most advanced technological ideas in the lighting industry. These small but solid little gems are a fundamental part of professional and residential properties across the world.


Our team here at Litecraft understand your need for an energy efficient and cost effective product in our current climate. Which is why LED’s are quickly becoming the more favoured lighting option around the country. With a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours compared to an incandescent bulbs 1,500 hours. The longevity of these little light solutions is incomparable. That means no more shopping around and replacing your bulbs every few months. LED bulbs can last over 7 years without needing to be replaced, a whole 133 times longer than that of an incandescent bulb.

LED bulbs

Another great point when it comes to the benefits of LED is the safety aspect. LED lights generate a low level of heat when in use, making them cool to the touch and easier to handle. Whereas incandescent bulbs emit 90% of the energy consumed via heat, making the glass very hot to touch.


We also understand that choosing LED bulbs when purchasing a new light fitting can sometimes be a daunting decision. One that can potentially increase the price of the overall transaction as the initial cost of an LED Bulb can sometimes be more than double that of an incandescent bulb. That’s why here at Litecraft we’re excited to announce a fantastic offer..


Free LED bulbs with every fitting purchased*

LED Bulbs


No matter the style or size we will offer the recommended LED bulb at no extra cost. Whether it’s spotlights for your kitchen, a chandelier for the lounge or new outdoor lighting for the garden, we’re offering free LED bulbs for everything*

You won’t get this offer anywhere else!

*some exclusions apply