The bedroom is one of the most important interiors inside of your home, as it is the space where you will look to unwind and relax inside of at the end of a long day, with a great deal of time being spent there. This means that you need to be sure that you have got the right lighting inside of the room, allowing you to utilise the space in a more relevant and effective manner. To do this, you should look at finding lights which give off the right colour temperature for the bedroom so that the perfect glow is given to the interior. The colour temperature of a light is measured in Kelvin, with a lower Kelvin value resulting in a warmer tone of light, with red, orange and yellow tones. Towards the other end of the spectrum you will find the higher kelvin light, which gives a glow which is similar to daylight, which is brighter and cooler. Read on to find out which style of LED light is best for the bedroom and to see our top picks for bedroom lighting!

Warm or cool light LED

Each different colour temperature is great for its own unique purpose, however the bedroom is an area where you are looking for a relaxed and intimate feel, so it is important to choose a form of illumination which helps you to produce this tone inside of your own home. To create a soft and comforting feel within the bedroom, lights with a lower Kelvin rated are the best choice, as they give a soothing warm glow that is sure to create a more relaxed atmosphere for unwinding and falling to sleep inside of. There are a wide range of warm white LEDs available in every different shape and cap type, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect bulbs for giving the ideal feel to your bedrooms.

Choose the right colour temperature of LED lights for your bedroom Choose the right colour temperature of LED lights for your bedroom Choose the right colour temperature of LED lights for your bedroom

Litecraft’s bedroom LED lighting suggestions

It’s not just the bulbs that you need to get right within the bedroom – the actual fitting that you use also have a huge impact, as it impacts the style of the glow and the image of the room. Here are our top picks for bringing the right colour light to your bedroom:

  • Circular LED Table Lamp – Chrome: This sleek urban lamp is a wonderful addition to any contemporary styled bedroom looking for a simple spread of soft accent light within its designs. The lamp has a smooth rounded structure and features integrated LED lighting, which offers a durable and atmospheric style of light to the household. This lamp is finished in chrome for a stylish modern image and can be utilised on any bedside table or dresser for a subtle yet soothing glow.
  • Bulla 1 Light LED Water Drop Wall Pendant – Gold: Wall lights are another feature that is ideal for giving a soothing style of light to your home, which is sure to create the perfect feel and tone for a bedroom scene. This unique light comes with a luxurious gold finish and features a sleek urban design and bubble glass shade for an unusual yet sophisticated glow. Projecting out a warm white glow, this light will certainly give a relaxed elegant tone to your home.
  • 6 Light LED Glass Ball Bar Ceiling Pendant – Chrome: This stunning modern pendant light is the perfect centrepiece for any bedroom looking for a stunning contemporary image, with the simplistic structure offering a gorgeous spread of warm and comforting light across the room. The 6 light fitting hangs from a set of wires and has glass ball lights at the end of each pole, giving an even coverage around the room. Finished in a style chrome colour, this pendant lights is a bold elegant light that is sure to have a marvellous impact on the designs of any interior.

Choose the right colour temperature of LED lights for your bedroom

Choose the right colour temperature of LED lights for your bedroom

Choose the right colour temperature of LED lights for your bedroom

Warm light is the perfect fit for the bedroom, giving a soft and comforting atmosphere to the room that is sure to make it the perfect place to relax and unwind inside of at the end of a long day. By following the tips above you should be able to create a stylish and effective bedroom interior with the perfect style of light. For more guides, you can check out our dedicated blog page, where we cover a huge range of different topics daily!

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