9 Stunning Ways to Use LED Lighting in Your Home

As numerous people around the world take deliberate steps towards living greener lives, LED Lighting has come to the forefront of sustainable lighting. It may be slightly more expensive than regular bulbs but they are guaranteed to last much, much longer and appear stunning too.

However, with the production of LED Lighting quickly advancing, many companies have gone that one step further and created some pretty stunning and incredible LED Lighting products.

LED Lighting for Dining Tables

LED dining tables are awe-inspiring and stunning and will make you feel as though you’re eating dinner with the Jetsons. If you’re wondering what these tables would look like, they’re made of glass and seem to have stars sprinkled throughout. They’re quite beautiful.

Table cloths

If you already have a perfectly nice dining table. But love the idea of stars in your dining room then have no fear. LED tablecloths give the impression that you’re in the Milky Way. Therefore, would be fantastic for a dinner party or a wedding.


Take singing in the shower to a new level. Get a disco light shower head that will turn your shower into a naked dance party! The lights change colour every 2 seconds. Furthermore, the shower head is super easy to install.

Fairy Lights

Do you love fairy lights but hate how they never seem to last as long as you’d hope? Then it’s time to invest in some LED fairy Lights. More so, they'll last much longer and tend to give off a more pleasant light than any regular bulbs.


Designer Barbara Bona has created a ‘Waterfall’ curtain where the strip Lights. She placed them at the top of the curtain reflects downwards, creating a beautiful waterfall effect.


If you weren’t feeling futuristic enough then why not get some LED wallpaper? You’ll have the most high-tech walls in the neighbourhood.


Wallbrights are a dazzling invention that involves placing LED configured wall decals in whatever connected pattern on your wall. Plugging one of the pieces into an electrical socket and then using an app to turn them on or off. This will change the colour scheme whenever you like.

Healthy Plants

Lit up plant pots have been used to keep particular indoor plants that need a lot of sunshine happy. So if you find you don’t have the greenest thumb and your plants keep withering on you. Furthermore, check out one of these and see if they can help!


There are never ending possibilities for the kind of centrepieces. For instance, decor ideas you can come up with using Energy Saving Lighting . One idea that I found online involves popping a small, cordless LED light into a large bowl. Then covering it with transparent stones.

What are some other ways you’ve discovered for using LED Lighting in your home?