The lighting setup in every room needs to be unique and specific to that room's needs and requirements. This helps to illuminate the space and create an interior which is both effective and appealing within your home. Kitchen lighting is no different and needs to be thoroughly considered about in the design of the new room. Lighting should never be just an afterthought. Through the correct lighting, you can give yourself a comfortable and useful interior which is great for a wide range of activities. Litecraft are aiming to make this whole process a little easier, so here are our top tips for illuminating your home in beautiful fashion!

How to illuminate your kitchen

The main things which you need to take into account when lighting your new kitchen are:

  • when is the kitchen used;
  • which kind of fitting will work;
  • where should you put the lights.

Beautiful ways to illuminate your kitchen workspace with Litecraft

When do you use your kitchen and its lighting

It’s a common theme within the modern home, the kitchen becomes the new hub of activity for the entire household. It is where you start the day with breakfast, and it’s where you end the day with your evening meal. This makes it a very important room, and one which you really need to find the right lighting for as there are so many different functions for the kitchen during the day.

You must ensure you have effective lighting for when you’re preparing food, and for when the children do their work, but there must also be an option for a calmer and more relaxing tone of lighting for when you sit down to unwind and eat your meals.

Finding this balance is very tricky, and using a combination of lights is a must, and at Litecraft there’s sure to be a perfect set for your home.

Track lighting is effective and useful.

Track lights provide a very intelligent style of lighting to you home, as they are constantly customisable. This means you are always able to adjust them to suit your interior and its lighting requirements.

Track lighting can also be very direct, and this is brilliant for offering a more purposeful style of lighting which you will require whilst working and cooking in the kitchen environment. The air of simplicity created by these fittings also makes a wonderful addition to your home, as it offers a very trendy and modern image to the interior.

If you’d like to incorporate fashionable track lighting into your home, take a look at the selection available in the track lights section of the Litecraft catalogue!

Pendant light can create a wonderful atmosphere and a unique style

One style of fitting which is great for introducing a more stylish and unique image into your kitchen is pendant fittings. A pendant light hangs down from the ceiling, and projects light across the room to great effect, offering a very effective form of light.

One brilliant method to incorporate a pendant style fitting into your home is through a bar style light, which offers a row of pendant lights above an area. This is perfect for giving a chic look which is also really useful to your kitchen interior.

Pendant bar fittings come in a wide range of different styles, so there’s bound to be something for everyone if you take a look at the options available to you.

Beautiful ways to illuminate your kitchen workspace with Litecraft

How can you illuminate cabinets and shelves

Ensuring that you provide light to all areas of the room allows you to create a wonderful feeling within the interior, as this allows you to layer the light and produce tones which are suitable for each different function of the kitchen.

Adding spotlights to your cabinets and shelves is a great way to provide a cosier atmosphere which is filled with comfort to your workspace, as the soft light allows for a more calming and soothing mood in the interior. This is perfect for setting the tone for a quiet meal with your family at the end of a long day. In order to add shelf light, you can also incorporate strip lighting which will again add another layer of soft light to your home.

Beautiful ways to illuminate your kitchen workspace with Litecraft

Final thoughts

As you can probably see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to kitchen lighting, and each opportunity gives you the chance to embed a wonderful style into your home. You could even attempt to craft a very unusual look with an abstract fitting like a floor lamp or chandelier, which would again offer stunning lighting to illuminate your kitchen.

As always, this guide only aims to give you a few pointers and as every home is different experimenting with different fitting may lead you to find the perfect style for your household, so don't be afraid to try something new!

For more helpful hints and tips on your lighting setup, pop over to the Litecraft blog!