How to give your interiors a Maritime Makeover

Maritime is a mixture of nautical and industrial combined. It's a look that has grabbed hold of the interior world this past year. Consequently it's so easy to replicate. Think rustic fisherman lighting. Together with replica wooden ship wheels. Also distressed metal pulleys. Consequently it's less beach chic. And more gritty industrialism. Here are our 5 easy steps. To give your interiors a Maritime Makeover.

 How to give your interiors a Maritime Makeover

Maritime Interior Makeover - Bulk Head & Port Holes

Recreate the look of a fisherman's boat. Do this by choosing round bulkhead. Also port hole style wall lighting. Contemporary interpretations such as our Mole Round Bulkhead Outdoor Wall Light. Will give a nostalgic nautical touch. For a feature wall add other round wall accessories. Such as photo frames and mirrors. Keeping to round wall accessories will add to the nautical effect. Combining industrial and vintage. This will really emphasise the rustic notion of Maritime nostalgia too. So be sure to include some distressed and rustic additions.

Maritime Interior Makeover - Fisherman Pendants

Fisherman Pendants are all the range again this year. Whether its a glass domed lantern. Or a caged metal shade. Adding some maritime memorabilia has never been so easy. Litecraft offer a range of fisherman style ceiling pendants. From simple easy to fit lanterns. To pulley operated rise and fall fittings. This style of lighting usually features a large domed shade. This will give a wide scope of light and is cast in a durable metal. Double up over a Kitchen island for a statement look. Consequently a practical illumination. Or suspend in the hallway. This will provide a grand entrance.

Maritime Interior Makeover - Searchlight Style Floor Lamps

Large headed floor lamps. These resemble searchlights and industrial spotlights. So will give you room that nautical talking point. The robust shade and tripod base adds a quirky and unique touch. Place in the corner of your room. This will give a wide spread of light. Or over reading corners for a practical illumination. Our Paramount Industrial Tripod Table Lamp features a robust polished nickel finish. Also a large glass spotlight shade. Thus giving a soft ambience to your chosen room.

Maritime Interior Makeover - Nautical Striped Shades

To layer up your Maritime interior add table lamps. Together with nautical and fisherman ornaments. Striped accessories such as anchors, rowing paddles and nautical knot ropes. This will do the trick. Adding shades of navy and hints of black and grey. This will reinforce the maritime effect too. Our Black Striped Easy to Fit Shade. Also table lamp base will add a touch of nautical. Place together with more rustic accessories. Consequently this will complete the maritime memory.

Maritime Interior Makeover - Shore Blue Bedding

Finally, when creating a maritime look in the bedroom. Choose a mixture of sandy whites. Also sea blues and greens. In addition our Waves Duvet Set features a contemporary layered border. This features creams. Also aqua blues and teals. Thus done in a scalloped wave design.

Does the Maritime interior style float your boat? Or are you a more beachy sun-bleached fan?

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