When it comes to lighting within your home, every room has different needs and requirements. This is to help create different tones and moods within your home. More sore, to make each room effective for its intended use. In terms of bedroom lighting, you don't want to choose harsh bright lighting which is very direct and focused; that isn't going to produce the relaxing and calming feel that this kind of room needs. To find out the best tips and tricks for bringing the right mood into your bedroom, keep reading Litecraft's guide to finding the perfect bedroom lighting setup!

Choose the right lighting in your bedroom

There are a few main topics of discussion when it comes to bedroom lights, and each will be covered in this guide; these are:

  • which kind of fitting is appropriate;
  • where should you put your lights;
  • what kind of style are you looking to create.

What kind of lighting do bedrooms need?

The first thing that you'll need to choose when putting together a new lighting scheme is which fittings are suitable for creating the kind of atmosphere that you want. In the bedroom, you are probably looking for a comfortable and calming feel which helps you to relax and unwind, so bold lighting which is bright and harsh is a huge no-go area. Instead, you'd be best using a combination of lighting which layers well to provide a soft and cosy tone whilst also remaining useful and effective. This means finding ceiling lights, lamps, and wall lights which work well together to produce the desired effect.

Ceiling Lighting is a superb feature, when done right

In order to create a style of light which flows well and creates a comfy feel whilst also remaining easy to utilise when needed, you'll need to choose the right ceiling lights. Ceiling lighting offers a very intelligent way to provide a good spread of light across an entire interior, and also allows for a very stylish feature to be introduced to the designs of your home too. Ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and bedroom chandeliers are a wonderful way to give a classy and sophisticated look to your bedroom, whilst also giving a very delicate and detailed sense. Litecraft love to help you find a fitting you'll love, so take a look at the wide range of ceiling lights!

Choose the right lighting in your bedroom - Ceiling lighting

Accent lighting is the key to a warm and romantic ambience

Accent lighting is important within any room in your house. For instance, it enables you to discover the feel and tone that you want to achieve. More so, this importance is heightened within the bedroom. As it helps to create the correct mood for this kind of environment. Using a combination of wall lights and table lamps to provide a less direct form of lighting gives you the ability to have a soft and relaxing kind of light that is great for producing a romantic feel in the bedroom. Another brilliant feature for this is candle light, as it flickers and glows beautifully within your home's interiors; just be sure you remember to blow them out to avoid safety hazards!

Choose the right lighting in your bedroom - accent lighting

Technical details to consider

When it comes to lighting, there are a lot of technical details to take into account. These will ensure that you secure the perfect light for your bedroom. Firstly, you must think of where to place these fittings in order to give the greatest effect to the room. Litecraft suggest having a central ceiling light accompanied by fantastic bedside lights to create the ideal sense of lighting. You also must take a look at any architectural features of your home such as inset walls, as these look stunning when you use things like recessed spotlights to provide an extra sense of light to the décor. Also, take a look at how you can light up any wardrobes. Also, desk type fittings for a more unique and effective form of illumination!

Choose the right lighting in your bedroom - Spotlights

One last thought

It's fairly obvious to see that finding the perfect lights isn't a science. Every home is difficult so it's hard to choose a formula which works for everyone. However, if you take advantage of just a few of these tips. You'll definitely be on your way to having a truly gorgeous bedroom environment. Always remember, accent lighting is vital for creating the mood in your home. For instance, soft, warm light is superb for giving a more relaxed tone to any interior!

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