Be Inspired : Industrial Romance

Today we're looking at ways to add a romantic Valentine element to an industrial interior. The Industrial theme is still going strong this year, we're seeing more and more rustic accessories, raw surfaces and organic features incorporated into homes. This interior can sometimes come across as harsh and sterile but there is an easy way to soften the blow especially during the month of love. Create a romantic haven this Valentines Day with a touch of floral, pops of pinks and red, sultry smoke glass and enchanting crystals.

Industrial and romance can easily be combined with just a few subtle accessories, soften the rawness of Industrialism with pops of colour such as reds, pinks and purples. Add retro red furniture, display Pink and Red roses in a rustic plant pot or layer interiors with soft furnishings such as throws and cushions in soft pinks and creams.

Add an antique element by incorporating distressed furniture together with antique metals and vintage finds. Vintage and antique elements against a harsh industrial back drop such as a converted mill or barn will create a romantic aged feeling.

Add a large crystal chandelier, preferably in a brushed metal such as cream and gold or brushed chrome. Juxtapose with a line of industrial pendants to create a contrast, add floral ornaments, bulbous vases and pink cushions and throws such as this stunning interior seen below to finish the look.

A simple vase of pastel coloured tulips with a complimentary coloured industrial pendant suspended above will create a sweet mix of femininity together with industrialism, why not add a pastel coloured throw or wall paper a section of wall in a pastel floral print to add a softer contrast.

Add a hint of luxurious voile and enchanting crystal against exposed brick that has been softened with emulsion to create a tranquil industrial haven.

For the bedroom simply add a more feminine colour for your bedding this week, pastel pinks and reds or floral designs will instantly add a romantic feel to an industrial décor.

Rustic browns and vintage smoked glass together with faded roses will add a romantic Victorian inspired twist, keep the industrial element alive with quirky light fittings featuring smoked glass shades and rustic birdcages.