Days are shorter. Nights are longer. Do we even know what the sun is anymore? Although winter is a season full of celebrations and festivities, it's also the bleakest time of the year. Howling winds, drizzly days, and cold chills that bite at your cheeks dominate the month of November. All you want to do is snuggle in bed with a chunky throw, a hot water bottle and watch your favourite TV shows. Let's not forget all the left-over Halloween goodies that weren't snatched up by the trick or treaters. It would be a shame to waste them, right? Litecraft are here to help you create the perfect set up for the upcoming cold nights with our natural inspired lighting. Creamy tones, natural finishes and warm ambient lighting are the ultimate ingredients to transforming your home into a relaxing nest.

Layer Neutral Tones To Create Natural Inspired Lighting

When we think of 'natural', we instantly think of earthy tones, natural wooden materials, and traditional vibes. Although this is one way of creating natural inspired lighting, we don't all have homes that will cater for the old school theme. If you're sporting a new build or a house with an ultra-modern interior, don't worry! You can still achieve the perfect natural inspired aesthetic.

A simple way to create natural inspired lighting is to layer neutral tones. Connect similar colours by using lighter and darker shades in the same tone. By doing this, you can create a calm, heavenly feeling that adds depth of space to your interiors. In addition to this, using furniture and other décor with similar tones allows you to combine different textures and fabrics. This stops your natural inspired look from falling stagnant. Our Rhonda Large Globe Table Lamp is a perfect example of how muted, natural tones can beautifully complement a modern home. The white fabric shade diffuses light to create a cosy, warm ambience; exactly what you need to relax and feel toasty after a day out in the cold. Table lamps are also a great way to create softer lighting! Simply flick on the switch when it gets dark and you've created a wonderfully relaxing environment.

Add a Pop of Colour

Our eye is naturally drawn to the brightest, loudest colour that is present in a room. If you're going for a neutral palette, you need to be careful when adding colour to your home. Bold colours are a great choice if you're wanting to add attitude to your interior décor, however, to keep a neutral aesthetic it is probably best to opt for a muted colour. Soft pale shades can have the same effect as the brightest shade on the colour wheel when used correctly.

Alternatively, if a neutral colour scheme is out of your comfort zone, you can infuse a colour pop with leafy greens. No, we don’t mean vegetables! House plants and foliage are perfect for adding life to a room that lacks colour. Our 2 Pack of Rosa Flush Ceiling Lights feature a stunning warm brassy finish that adds a glow to the room. However, the green foliage adds life to this simple ceiling light; showcasing how effective a little pop of colour can be.

Inspired by Nature

It goes without saying that a natural interior wouldn't be complete without some elements of good old mother earth. Our new Pilli beaded range offers a wonderful twist on the timelessly popular Boho décor. Featuring a stunning collection of wooden beads, this collection is perfect for adding natural inspired lighting to your household. This new lighting range is made up of a chandelier, a table lamp, a floor lamp, and an easy fit shade. Whether you're looking to illuminate your bedroom or simply add some more cosy features to your lounge, the Pilli range features something for everyone. Our Pilli wooden-beaded floor lamp is great for lighting up the nooks and crannys within your home, whilst the Pilli chandelier makes the ultimate Boho centrepiece. Style with house plants and other foliage to add a pop of colour and really home in on that natural inspired lighting aesthetic.

Mixing Textures

As mentioned earlier, another way for you to incorporate a neutral vibe is to furnish your home with a mixture of textures and fabrics. Although lighting plays a large importance when perfecting that cosy aesthetic, it's also wise to consider other ways to enhance your décor. A beige or cream chunky knit throw is a great way to keep warm and snug whilst also adding interest to a room that is made up of minimal colour.

Airy, natural colours are a great way to make a space look brighter; something that is much needed at this time of the year. Our Victoria Pair of Curtains are perfect for giving you that extra layer of warmth and privacy without having to compromise on lighting. Dark fabric curtains can often block out any natural light, leaving you in a dull, cave-like room. By layering different fabrics and tones, you can add texture to a space. These curtains feature a delicate floral embroidered pattern; another great way to add interest to neutral interiors.

Share Your Natural Inspired Lighting With Us!

We hope this blog has given you some ideas on how to make your home feel cosy. We want to help you beat those blues that are no stranger to most of us at this time of the year.

Here at Litecraft HQ, we love nothing more than viewing how our customers use our lighting within their home. We'd love to know if you've tried and tested natural inspired lighting, just drop us a comment below! Alternatively, you can tag us on Instagram. You might even feature on our feed where we share our newest products, inspiration, and all the latest interior trends!