Your wedding day will definitely go down as one of the most important days in your life. Together with the birth of your children, your wedding day is the start of a new chapter and a day that will be remembered for all of your life. Help set the mood for this amazing day with some beautiful lighting. The right lighting can help carry the theme of a wedding. Having a modern wedding? Then opt for coloured LED bulbs. Fancy more of a rustic theme? Then vintage filament bulbs and rustic lanterns are a must. When you illuminate your wedding you can ultimately turn any ordinary space into an extraordinary place of beauty and ambience.
When you choose to illuminate your wedding you are not only adding to the atmosphere but you can also help define the décor of your wedding theme. For instance, hanging chandeliers over each table acts as an overhead illumination but will also add a vintage style glamour to your wedding. Whilst twinkling fairy lights draped along the head table will help draw you guests eyes over to the bride and groom but will also give a whimsical and enchanting notion to the room.
Adding some fun illumination will also help your wedding photographer capture a more atmosphere-filled image. For instance, a wash of light over the wedding cake will help create a sculptural look which will look great in a photograph. Lighting also creates contrast and silhouettes which your photographer can take advantage of. Keep reading for a more detailed list of ways to illuminate your wedding.

  1. Create a twinkling ceiling with a canopy of string lights.
  2. Add a rustic backdrop with decorative filament bulbs.
  3. Use Faux LED candles for table centre pieces.
  4. Colour-washed reception walls.
  5. Using rustic or Moroccan style lanterns to reinforce the wedding theme.
  6. Light-boxes to add fun and personality.

String lights and Rustic

Create a twinkling ceiling with a canopy of string lights. String or festoon and other decorative lights are one of the most versatile and impactful types of lighting available. Whether for indoor or outdoor they can be installed pretty much anywhere for any occasion, which is why they are great for a wedding. Drape them across barn beams or attach them to the wall mingled with bunting or voile swaging. String lights will instantly create a canopy of light that will give any room that instant glistening ambience.

Some fun ways to illuminate your wedding - festoon lights | Litecraft

Add a rustic backdrop with decorative filament bulbs. It wouldn’t be a wedding if there wasn’t some sort of Instagram-worthy back drop. Whether it’s a show-stopping panel of light behind the top table. A sparkling display showing off the cake and dessert table or simply a handmade back drop to stage those fun wedding selfies, a lit backdrop is key. And that’s were vintage bulbs come in, cluster several together to create a rustic and vintage style back drop. This style of lighting creates a fun and laid back vibe and will give a lovely ambience ready for when the evening guests arrive.

Some fun ways to illuminate your wedding - Litecraft

Use Faux LED candles for table centre pieces

Scatter a plethora of candles along the top table, in the middle of each guest table and even around the cake and dessert stands. Faux LED candles are perfect for an alfresco wedding as they can stay lit all evening and still keep shape without any wax spillage. There’s also something about a flickering candle that induces romantic feelings which is just the vibe you want to reflect at a wedding. Floating candles in a vase will also work in the same way.

Faux LED Candle Table Lamp - Litecraft

Colour-washed reception walls

If you’re after a more modern style of wedding with lots of contemporary designs and a minimal style then have a look at installing some coloured LED bulbs. These can be placed in recessed ground and ceiling spotlights to give a wash of colour along the walls. Choose coloured bulbs that match your wedding theme. Illuminating your walls with colour adds a fun twist and an unexpected wow factor.

Litecraft LED coloured Bulbs

Using rustic or Moroccan style lanterns to reinforce the wedding theme.

Lanterns are super on trend at the moment and when it comes to weddings there’s nothing better than a cluster of twinkling lanterns displayed at the entrance of a venue. Different styles of table lamps and lanterns can help reinforce your wedding theme. For instance, industrial brushed metal lanterns will help tie in a rustic wedding theme. Whilst lanterns with Moroccan style cut out detail will help create an exotic flair for a more tropical style wedding. Cluster these together with hurricane lanterns to increase the ambience.

Lanterns Some fun ways to illuminate your wedding - Litecraft

Lanterns for your wedding illumination - Litecraft

Light-boxes to add fun and personality

Adding LED light boxes will really show off your individual style. From rustic light-box frames leading the way to the main wedding hall. To glitzy Mr and Mrs light box signs that can be displayed at the top table or during the signing of the registrar. When it comes to positioning light-boxes, the possibilities are endless.

mr and mrs lightbox - Some fun ways to illuminate your wedding - Litecraft