As the winter period sets in, the cold air brings a brisk realisation that the Christmas preparation needs to be started, and fast! However, if you’ve managed to get to this stage of the x-mas period then you may be worrying that it’s too late to get started. But that’s where you’re wrong! By just following a few of these hints and tips, you’ll be able to give your home the festive feel that it needs, nay, deserves. One of the most inventive and fascinating ways to bring this to your home is by decorating your garden and outdoor areas. This allows the 'Christmassy' feel grips you before you even enter the household! Decorating your garden can be simple and easy when done right, so here are Litecraft’s 4 top tips for lighting up your garden this winter!

The main points you need to think about when bringing this unique festive lighting to your home are:

  • what decorations will work;
  • how can you use colour to your advantage;
  • can you use your surroundings in your designs;
  • which fittings are best for creating the Christmas image.

1) It’s only a few days to Christmas – it’s time to decorate

If you’ve somehow managed to leave it this late to get your house into the Christmas spirit. You better get cracking, you’ve only got a couple of days remaining to give your home a festive rejig in time for the big day! The best way to do this is by whipping the decorations out and getting them up and running, but make sure that you have ample lighting around them so you can see them clearly and effectively. Using outdoor wall lights such as hanging garden lights to do this would be a great idea, as they provide a sleek and stylish way to efficiently light the outdoor zones around your home.

2) Utilise those x-mas colours

One of the most distinctive features of the Christmas period is the colour scheme which comes with it; the bursts of red and white are brilliant and the natural tones introduced by the seasonal foliage in the shape of deep greens are truly stunning. A great way to bring these tones to your home's exterior is by mixing up the bulbs used in your outdoor lights. Use features such as wonderful festive coloured LED bulbs, and perhaps use a variation of different colours to create a magical look for your garden during the season of goodwill. This is a very customised method, and is only a temporary change, allowing you to change them back to a standard white bulb as you move into the New Year. This simple switch has a marvellous effect and is sure to help produce that comforting Christmas feel that everyone knows and loves!

3) Take inspiration from your surroundings

When it comes to the x-mas period, one decoration sticks out from the rest; it has an extremely festive feel and acts as the whole focal point for the winter period. This feature is, of course, the Christmas tree, which is lit up and decorated beautifully for everyone to see. Now, for a more intriguing and fascinating look this Christmas, why not utilise your surroundings and dress up your outdoor bushes and trees in a festive attire. Also give your post lights some yuletide pampering to create an excellent x-mas aura around your humble abode. Not got any post lights yet? Take a look at the excellent selection available on the Litecraft website here!

4 tips to decorate your garden for Christmas with lighting - posts

4) Lanterns are the perfect garden fitting

There are many ways to light up your garden, however, the pick of the bunch for introducing a Christmas-inspired theme to your home is most definitely the use outdoor wall lights, and in particular, lantern styled fittings. Lantern lights such as they bring a very unique and rustic image, and can really offer stunning lighting to the outside of your home so that you have a fantastic view of all of your decorations. Having these lanterns attached to your home also gives an extra base from which to hang your decorations, adding yet another customised feature to the exterior of the building.

4 tips to decorate your garden for Christmas with lighting - wall lights

Final thoughts

So, in conclusion, it's fairly obvious that there's a whole host of options when it comes to offering light to your gardens this Christmas, and all of them easy, achievable, and look absolutely fabulous. As you move towards your period of Christmas celebration, having a wonderful festive theme in your outdoor lights is a brilliant way to offer to really get in the mood and enjoy this time of the year to the max! For more miraculous DIY hints and tips, why not visit the Litecraft blog and check out the amazing content it features?