Contemporary Lighting in Period Spaces

Giving a unique theme to your home can be a fantastic way to bring a more personalised feel to a household, making it a more comforting and suitable space to spend your time inside of. For homes with a more traditional look, there are some very creative ways to give your own spin to the designs, one of the most stylish being the use of contemporary lighting, giving a very unusual yet fashionable contrast to the room’s layout. Contemporary lighting in period spaces should be bold enough to give a noticeable update to the room, however shouldn’t detract from the architectural features of the space, which offer character and authenticity to the household. Bringing this theme into your home in an effective manner can be a fairly tricky task, which is why we’re here to offer you our insider tips and tricks to help make it a touch easier!

This article will give you the basic knowledge needed to start giving a contemporary lighting theme to your traditional interiors, with the following topics being focused on:

  • characteristics of modern lighting;
  • which rooms are best for trying out this unique theme;
  • our top suggestions for contemporary lighting.

Characteristics of contemporary lighting

Modern lighting is a terrific addition to the designs of any household, giving a wide spread of useful lighting in a very urban and fashionable manner. Bringing modern lighting into period spaces is a task that must be undertaken with a great deal of care and consideration, being sure not to overwhelm the room with a more urban look. Modern lighting is usually finished in a fresh chrome colour, whilst the sleek and smooth designs give a clean and sophisticated image. Modern lights come in a range of sizes and styles, so whether you’re looking for bold pendant lights or soft accent lighting from features such as wall lights, there’s sure to be something to suit your tastes.

Contemporary lighting in period spaces Contemporary lighting in period spaces Contemporary lighting in period spaces Contemporary lighting in period spaces

Which rooms are best for using modern lighting in a period space

Out of all the rooms inside of a household, there are bound to be certain rooms that are better suited to having a traditional image with a contemporary twist than others, so it’s important to find the areas of your home which are best suited so that you can utilise them effectively. The living room and dining rooms are usually some of the best rooms for this kind of image, with the larger spaces allowing for a more sporadic and effective mix of the two contrasting themes. You have enough room to utilise larger fittings such as pendant lights inside of these interiors, such as the Spark LED Dual Hoop Ceiling Pendant Light - Chrome, which will allow you to give a modern focal point to the interior to offer an alternative image to the classic designs of the interior which surrounds it for a really unique sense of style.

Spark LED Dual Hoop Ceiling Pendant Light - Chrome

Litecraft’s top contemporary lighting picks

If you’re struggling to find the perfect lights for your home, why not take a look at our suggestions for each different style of light below:

  1. Ceiling light: 5 Light Chisel Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant – Smoke.
  2. Wall light: 2 Light Cross Stem Wall Light with Glass Shades – Black Chrome.
  3. Table lamp: Circular LED Table Lamp – Chrome.
  4. Floor lamp: Tripod Parabolic Adjustable Floor Lamp – Black.
  5. Spotlight: Hugo 3 Light Bathroom Spotlight - Chrome.

5 Light Chisel Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant – Smoke

2 Light Cross Stem Wall Light with Glass Shades – Black Chrome.

Circular LED Table Lamp – Chrome

Tripod Parabolic Adjustable Floor Lamp – Black. Hugo 3 Light Bathroom Spotlight - Chrome

Following these tips doesn’t guarantee that your experiment with contemporary lighting in contemporary spaces will work, however it does give you a few ideas and pointers to help guide you towards the right outcome for your home! When done right, this can be one of the most intriguing, captivating, and fashionable themes to have inside of any household, so we really hope that this wonderful theme does justice to your home. For more helpful guides and articles (just like this one), you can visit our dedicated blog page where we cover a wide arrange of topics to help give your home a truly stunning lighting setup.

Shopping with Litecraft makes everything easier, from finding out how to light up your home in a stylish and effective manner whilst also finding the right fittings to do so. You can shop with us either online or in one of our gorgeous UK stores, where a representative is sure to be on hand to help you find the perfect fittings!