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Picking the right reading light can be a little tricky, as reading lights vary in designs, functions and features. After a long day of working, all you want to do is snuggle up in your comfy chair and enjoy a good read. Finding the perfect reading light could really illuminate work, reading, and writing spaces. With the simplest touch of great lighting, you can increase your concentration to focus on reading whilst under comfortable illumination. However, be careful not to make the mistake of creating shadows and sharp glares as that can be distracting and uncomfortable.


We’ll run you through some great tips on how to avoid poor lighting and choosing the best lighting to increase concentration so that reading time is much more enjoyable. Here are some of the topics we’ll run through with you to give you the best advantage to picking the right lighting for reading:

  • when and where most people read;
  • reading lamps for the bedroom;
  • reading lamps in the living room.

When and Where most People Read

After a long hard day of working or studying, all you’ll want to do is sit back in your comfy armchair or bed for a lovely evening read. Whether you are reading a paperback copy or on your Kindle, people tend to read their books at this time so people tend to rely on artificial light to increase concentration. Usually in the comfort of a living room armchair or whilst sat in bed. Regardless what room you are in, picking the best reading lamp will give you an efficient brightness, atmospheric zone and ambient light. If you have a comfy corner you like to sit in; a floor lamp will give you the perfect ambient hue that you need which is perfect for reading in your cosy armchair.

Parabolic Floor Lamp

Also, using dimmable table and floor lamps will help you find the right balance of light so that you can enjoy comfortable reading. This will ensure that you don’t have harsh light directing onto your page. Often bad lighting can have long-term effects such as eye strains. Reduce this by having the right lamp at the right temperature. Litecraft recommend using warm white bulbs which provoke relaxation, which is perfect for evening or bedtime reads.

Reading lamps for the living room

The living room is where the family gathers and sits back to chill in front of the fire. You may have a comfy armchair where you read your morning newspaper or evening time books. In order to contain the cosy, ambient lighting within the living area; having a mother & child floor lamp. These lamps are designed to give a pleasant indirect light to the ceiling and a smaller mid-point beam from an arm to project light where required. They are not only a classic feature to the interior but also, spread a soft glow with its multi-directional capabilities, perfect for the living room right by the sofa.

Mother & Child Floor Lamp in Antique Brass

Mother & Child Floor Lamp Top

Mother & Child Floor Lamp Flexi Light

Often people make the mistake of not using accent lighting such as table and floor lamps in the living room. Meaning shadows from your upper body may cast onto your book or magazine which can all be avoided. Dotting table lamps and floor lamps in each corner can uplift a cosy mood and help you enjoy your book without sharp beams from main ceiling fixtures. Meaning concentration on a good book could be much more enjoyable and provoke a better imagination. People don’t often realise how lighting can make a great difference when it comes to evening time reads.

Reading lamps for the bedroom

Bedtime reads are the most relaxing time. You are comfortably in bed and relaxing, all you need now is that small glow of light, enough to help you see the pages but not glare so much. That’s why clip-on reading lamps are a modern essential. The flexible neck will allow you to direct the spotlight beam onto your page without creating any distracting shadows. Ensure that in the bedroom you use warm lighting temperature to allow your body clock to transition into sleeping mode. So a reddish warm glow will allow you to enjoy a night time read whilst having a good night sleep.

Traditional Banker Table Lamp in Green

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Furthermore, side table lamps for children’s bedrooms is key to ensuring they feel safe in the dark and get a good night’s sleep. Having dimming table lamps will ensure that you get sufficient lighting when reading a bedtime story. Also, contributing to helping a child slowing transition to sleep mode. Desk lamps such as our Flexi Neck Desk Lamps are effective in providing great lighting for homework time too.