Be inspired : Lighting ideas for the Kitchen

Whether you're mixing, juicing, chopping or brewing, getting the most out of your kitchen is essential.

When cooking, a good light is vital; if you lack natural light from windows in your kitchen then artificial light can be installed without creating a hazardous work and preparation area. Flexible spotlights either on a bar on fixed on a circular plate are the most effective way to light up your kitchen. They can be angled to direct light over specific areas such as the worktop and sink area. A single spotlight works well to light up dark corners or L-shaped spaces.

Alternatively choose cabinet and under-cabinet strip lights to create a subtle glow over surfaces and inside units to create a feature. LED strip lights are a great way of introducing light to certain areas of the kitchen that other fittings can’t reach, for instance running a strip of LED along the bottom of your cabinets will light the floor space which provides a safer work area whilst keeping with the trends.

A light fitting that we are seeing more and more in kitchens these days, particularly rooms with breakfast bars and kitchen islands, is the use of pendant lighting; industrial style pendants are all the range at the moment. Either a single large pendant or multiple matching pendants lined above the centre of the kitchen creates a separate area and brings in a larger expanse of light. This style of lighting works particularly well in industrial and country themed homes.

If you’re hoping to make a statement well you’re in luck, these days any type of lighting can be installed into a kitchen as long as the fitting compliments the finish of the kitchen as a whole. Choose a shabby chandelier for quaint country style homes; or choose a unique fitting such as a teacup or wineglass pendant or cluster pendants for quirky kitchens, ruffle some feathers and install a large crystal pendant for extra glamour or a top of the line designer pendant will look great in a modern converted warehouse kitchen.

Another lighting option is the use of candles dotted around the kitchen, this is a great way to create romantic pools of light; tomorrow we’ll be looking at how to make teacup candles.

What’s your favourite style of kitchen?

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