Ever since Lee Broom took the interior design world by storm with his stunning crystal bulb collection, quirky but traditional home ware featuring beautiful glass forms have made a comeback, we're talking exposed bulb pendants, unique cut glass shades and even some vintage finds...

To add the classic yet modern crystal theme to your home keep lighting and accessories simple but impactive. Opt for modern cluster pendants or single drop fittings that feature either crystal effect shades or bulbous spheres, avoid chunky frames and arms, delicate frames and cabled fittings are a must to recreate the clean and simple lines of this particular collection. Broom's crystal bulb and decanter range is all about craftsmanship, his designs are hand made an inspired by the etched cut detail you find on vintage whiskey decanters, so choose glass and crystal with etched detail or hand blown glass styles. For accessories add a display of vintage decanter bottles together with a feminine bulbous glass table lamp, you can easily find decanter bottles in second hand vintage stores.

Lee Broom inspired Cluster Pendant

Lee Broom Exposed Bulbs

Lee Broom Decanter Bulbs

Decanter - Lee Broom

Lee Broom Exposed Bulbs

For colour and pattern stick with neutral tones such as beige and pastel blues, Broom's Carpetry collection mixes traditional Persian patterns with contemporary colours. His Carpetry Sideboard design resembles a floating Persian rug which engulfs the whole surface of a modern shaped sideboard. To replicate this theme choose Persian inspired patterns or similar paisley prints on lamp shades and soft furnishings. Beige and blue hues work best but if you find blue to be too cold then combine warmer golds with beige and cream, soft duck egg blue can however be a subtle alternative.


Lee Broom - Glass Shade


Persian Carpet



Broom has also famously dabbled in neon lighting for a few of his earlier collections, his exclusive collection Neo Neon 2007 and Rough Diamond 2008 combined neon strips with traditional antique furniture. This look can easily be replicated with LED strip lights and a trip to your local second hand furniture store. If you're not a fan of crafty DIY then why not opt for our colour changing LED glow range.

Neon Light - Lee Broom

Here's our Look Book of Lee Broom Inspired Lighting and Accessories to help you recreate this stylish look...