Choosing the right ceiling light is more of a home design conundrum than you might think. Here are six different ceiling lights designed to cater for your every lighting requirement.

Lighting up your home isn’t just a case of purchasing a few random lights, flicking a switch and hoping for the best.

To get the most of the lighting in your abode, you need to give the lights or lamps you’re going to choose a certain degree of consideration and thought.  There’s a myriad of light fittings and fixtures and a panoply of ways in which you can install them to create the best design and most effective ambience for the room.

So whether you’re a penchant for something contemporary or an inkling for a more traditional approach, feast your eyes over the following list of ceiling lights to make your house a well-illuminated home.

Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Lights

semi flush chrome fitting

When’s a chandelier not a chandelier? When it’s a semi-flush mount light fixture.  These are fixtures that hang within four to eight inches from the wall and give the illusion of a chandelier in a space where a chandelier won’t fit, and they are great for creating general lighting in a room.

Recessed Lights

ceiling lights

Perfectly suited to ambient or task lighting, recessed lights also go by the names of  spot lights – they’re mounted in the ceiling itself and can be positioned to point in a certain direction.


ceiling lights

Just the word chandelier evokes an image of wealth, extravagance and opulence more suited to ballrooms and mansions than your average cul-de-sac semi. Nowadays though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Chandeliers have come down quite considerably in price – which is sensible if you want people to buy them.  They even do small-scale versions called, rather cutely, chandelettes.

They’re just as versatile as normal lights. They can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colour. Also can be used for more decorative lighting or general lighting.

Pendant Lights

ceiling lights

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling in a similar fashion to a chandelier, the main difference here being that there is only a single light source which can be directed up, down, or can diffuse light throughout an entire space.  Downward pendant lights are perfect for task lighting. Upward lights are very effective at creating an ambient light, and diffusing pendant lights are good at creating general lighting.

Track Lights

ceiling lights

Contemporary  track lights come in a variety of colours, styles, shapes and sizes, which means there’s plenty of scope for picking the best type of light for the room you want to illuminate.  They can be angled, straight, circular or curved. In addition can even be combined with an assortment of track heads, including specialised pendant lights.

Furthermore, track lights are also very effective as a form of accent lighting. As well as providing a general lighting ambience to a space. This means they’re adaptable and usable to practically any space in the home.

Island Ceiling Lights Fixtures

ceiling lights

Or kitchen island pendants, as they’re also known. These are designed to hang over a kitchen work surface. However you can just as easily and effectively hang one over a kitchen or dining room table.  In other words, anywhere you need to focus specific light.

They generally come in two forms – the larger bowl pendant and the mini pendant, the latter being the most versatile.  You can also have them as multi-light fixtures – a series of mini pendants connected at the ceiling.

As you can see, there is a ceiling light suitable for every room in the house. So there’s no shortage to choose from when it comes to illuminating your home.