Get the Cuddles in the Kitchen look

How many pancakes have you eaten today? More so, did you go for the healthy sugar and gluten free ones with fresh fruit. Or were you a bit naughty and had those oh so sweet traditional pancakes, covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream?

Cooking should never feel like a chore. More so, we think that making your kitchen look bright and cosy will turn any baking task into a pleasant experience. As a result, here's our How To Guide to make your kitchen look bright and full of cuddles this Valentine’s.

Kitchen look valentines day inspired designs

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are great for illuminating your kitchen and adding a bit of style. Therefore, choose pendants in white for that traditional clean look. Furthermore, our Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant in White can be adjusted in height. For instance, it makes for a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen. Or, if you’re looking to add a bit of a colour pop to your interiors, go for our School Industrial Ceiling Pendant Light finished in bold red. Lastly, a contemporary industrial design that will fit in perfectly in a Valentine’s Day cuddles inspired kitchen.

Ceiling Flushes

Worry not if your kitchen is limited in height. Our ceiling flushes are ideal for kitchens with low ceiling. Simplistic, sleek designs will add plenty of ambience without looking too overpowering. Our Fergie Circular Flush Ceiling Light has a stylish circular design and a glossy frosted glass dome that will defuse the light softly while still offering a bright illumination. For larger kitchens we suggest our practical spotlight range. Spotlights can be adjusted, allowing you to direct the light where it’s needed the most.

Recessed Down Lights

When it comes to making your kitchen look well-lit, recessed downlights should always be on your checklist. Discreet minimalist design means they can easily be paired with other lighting fixtures. Consider your kitchen layout and indicate the main areas that should be well-lit. Based on this you can decide where to place recessed downlights and other light fixtures. Before installing recessed downlights you should also consider a multi gang switch that will allow you to effectively control the level of ambience in the room.

Vintage LED Bulbs

If you are a fan of urban chic, exposed vintage bulbs with decorative light cables would be an impeccable choice to make your kitchen look ultra-trendy. Our new line of dimmable vintage LED bulbs offer adjustable & energy efficient ambience and a stylish design that will add character to your kitchen.

Mood Lighting

Kitchen lighting doesn’t stop with just ceiling lights. Decorative mood lighting can help to set a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Add some decorative LED candle tea lights for a subtle yet romantic touch… or choose a contemporary colour changing mood light to add a modern feel to your kitchen and express your individuality. With the Valentine’s Day on its way we think that fresh floral arrangements should definitely decorate any kitchen to make it look more cosy and welcoming.

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