The integral rules of lighting

One of the most integral features inside of the modern day home is the lighting that is used, as it plays a huge role in every room within the household. The lights help to create a sense of tone and mood within the interiors that is great for producing atmosphere, whilst the inventive designs give a stylish look to your home, helping to provide a décor that suits you. Read on to discover some of the integral rules of lighting.

The main styles of lighting which you’ll need to be aware of in order to produce a spectacular lighting theme inside of your home are:

  • ceiling lights;
  • wall lights;
  • floor lamps;
  • table lamps;
  • spotlights.


When selecting the lighting that you are going to use within your home, you must be sure to consider the certification and rating of the lights that you use, as this dictates which rooms they are suitable for whilst also keeping you safe as you use them. IP rated lights are great for use in environments which might be hostile to lighting, such as the bathroom, with the lights ranging from IP20 up to IP65. Take a look at these fantastic lights by popping over to our bathroom lights section and having a quick browse of what’s on offer!

Integral Rules of Lighting: Mistakes to avoid

One of the dangers you encounter when designing a lighting setup is making simple mistakes that make the task far harder than it needs to be, so here are a few things to look out for. The most common mistake you can make is forgetting about lighting for the bulk of the interior design process, leaving it as one of the last things that you consider and making it really difficult to find lighting that works with the image of the room whilst also giving out effective and suitable illumination. You can avoid this by making the lighting inside of an interior the focal point and designing around it, making sure you get the perfect lighting for the room. Our pendant ceiling light fittings are great for giving a bold and eye-catching centrepiece to any household.

The integral rules of lighting

Making your lighting more effective

There are many little tricks and adjustments that can be used to enhance the lighting inside of your home, each of which is capable of helping to create a more satisfying environment within your home. Follow these tips to ensure your lighting is perfect for the interior it is used inside of:

  1. Make sure you have a spread of light which covers the entire interior in a practical and fashionable manner.
  2. Customise your lighting using features such as dimmers or controls to allow you to change the lighting to suit any situation.
  3. Use multiple light sources to give a thorough and effective lighting theme to the room, varying from softer ambient lighting all to way to a more focused and direct style of task lighting.
  4. Highlight important features within the room using lighting. E.g. Utilise picture lights to draw focus to artwork or decorative features on your walls.

The integral rules of lighting

Final thoughts

By following this quick post, you’re sure to have gained a quick and basic knowledge of how to illuminate your home effectively and stylishly, which will help to make your home a much more pleasant and inviting space to spend your time. Having the right light inside of your home really will help to revitalise and revamp the look and feel of any interior, so it is immensely important to get it right.

For more helpful hints and tips you can visit us over on our blog page, where you’ll find the latest industry tricks for ensuring your home is up to speed with the most fashionable trends along with posts that will help you to get the most out of your current lighting setup. If you feel ready to start browsing our range and designing a wonderful lighting arrangement for your home, you can pop into one of our UK stores or browse our online catalogue today!