Find out how to transform every room in your home with stylish table lamps.

Lamps are essential to a well lit room, providing task lighting and accent lighting where it is needed to help us see more clearly. Table lamps are especially important because they are not only functional but decorative too. Like jewellery for your home, the right table lamp will complement your look and bring all of the elements together.

Table lamps are the quickest and easiest way to update your lighting. They require no electrical work or installation. Simply plug them in to enjoy their soft glow and illumination.

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When choosing table lamps to suit your home, there are a few things that need to be considered so you’re not left in the dark.


Lamps are not only light fittings but decorative objects too. It is important to think about form as well as function when choosing your table lamps. To find a lamp that complements your decor, consider your style. Is your home modern or traditional? Eclectic or minimalist? Sleek, chrome table lamps and desk lamps are perfect for a modern interior, where as a traditional home would suit the classic look of ceramic bases, glass shades and decorative details.

Remember that multiple table lamps don’t have to match exactly with each other. Choose lamps with similar colour or shapes that ties them together for a stylish, up-to-date look.

Add colour and texture to a room with an interesting shade. Think about how colour, pattern and shape can enhance your decor.


When choosing table lamps for your home, size is important. Lots of people make the mistake of buying lamps before first measuring the space where it will go. This can result in a lamp that looks out of proportion to its surroundings.

Make sure that a table lamp is an appropriate size for its location. A huge lamp will look disproportionate in a small room. Instead, choose a slender stick lamp. On the other hand, a small lamp will look lost in a large room, so go for something on a larger scale that makes a statement.


Choosing the right place for your lamps can really enhance you room and change the way it feels. Placing lamps in dark corners will illuminate the space and make the whole room feel bigger. Table lamps are perfect for or illuminating seating areas to make them centre of a room.

Another important factor in choosing table lamps is the room they are intended for. A living room table lamp may not work in a bedroom, and vice-versa. Think about the function of a room and how table lamps can enhance this

Living room lamps

living room table lamps

A living room lamp should complement the main source of ambient lighting and create a warm and cosy atmosphere on an evening.  It should also add an element of style to enhance your decor whether it’s switched on or off. Think of it as an accessory as well as a light fitting.

Most living rooms benefit from a few table lamps dotted around the room. Place them next to sofas and arm chairs to create a well lit and welcoming seating area. Plan the positioning well to ensure that the room is evenly lit and make sure that lamps don’t block the view or disrupt the flow of conversation in your living room.

Dining room lamps

table lamps for the dining room

Table lamps are perfect for intimate evening meals and creating a romantic mood. Side tables and sideboards are the perfect place for dining room lamps. A bedside lamp at each end of your sideboard will create a balanced look and finish off your room beautifully.

As dining room table lamps usually sit against a wall or in a corner, why not try an oversized, decorative design to add drama to the room. Choose a style with a shade or diffuser to keep the light soft and relaxing.

Bedroom lamps

Carly Bedside Lamp with Damask shade

Every bedroom needs table lamps, for bedtime reading and to create a relaxing mood before you go to sleep. The light should be soft and diffused, perfect for curling up in bed with a good book. Place your bedroom table lamps at the side of the bed, for easy access without getting up.  A lamp on each side will create a balanced look.

Consider the height of the lamp in relation to your bed. When you’re sitting in bed, the bottom of the lamp should reach eye level, so the light shines on your lap, not in your eyes.

Your bedside table is usually home to a number of things including alarm clocks, gadgets and other bits and bobs, so choose a slimline bedside table lamp that leave space for other things.

Home office lamps

home office table lamps and desk lamps

Functional table lamps or desk lamps are perfect for the home office. Whether you’re paying bills or catching up on some last minute work, you need lighting which is bright, and practical. A desk lamp provides a focused source of light to help to see clearly and prevent eye strain.

For your desk, choose a flexi lamp with an adjustable arm and neck, to allow you to direct the light right where it is needed. Additional table lamps can be placed around the room, on side tables and shelves, to create a relaxed atmosphere for working.

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