Most of you will have heard of the term Integrated LED's, for those who haven't here's a little guide. Light bulbs are the heart of a light fitting, and your choices on which ones to use can often be pivotal in how the lighting piece can look overall in your home. Of course, every light has it’s required light bulb, whether it be an Edison screw, bayonet cap or a pin. The possibilities really are endless, without even beginning to think about colour temperatures, lumens and energy efficiency to name a few. Check out our Visconte Bulla 3 Light Ceiling Light Bar Pendant - Gold and Visconte Bulla 1 Light LED Table Lamp - Gold which both feature integrated LED's, as shown in the image above.

Halifax Bathroom LED Flush Ceiling Spotlight Plate with 3 Adjustable Heads - Chrome

With the modern world of lighting progressing every day, we want to make it easier for you, and integrated LED’s perhaps may be the most simplistic solution. You can find integrated LED’s everywhere; they’re featured in pendant lights, wall lights, spotlight bars and chandeliers to name a few. They’re perfectly practical in every type of light, but especially ideal for outdoor lighting, as we know it can be a nuisance to change the light bulbs in any mounted piece, especially in the garden. Firstly, what should you be considering when it comes to purchasing an integrated LED light fitting?

  • Is it energy efficient?
  • How will it benefit me and my home?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the quality like?

These could be questions you’re asking yourself. An integrated LED is as simple as it sounds; it is integrated into a fitting, and its LED. But what does this mean?

Stanley Vasman Outdoor Oval LED Bulkhead Wall or Ceiling Light - Black

Integrated LED's Use & Guarantees:

Integrated LED’s are already set into the light fitting itself, so you never have to worry about buying new light bulbs and replacing the old ones. Essentially, you can simply fix the light to a specific place, maybe a ceiling or a wall, and never have to think about the functionality of the light bulb. You will often find that an integrated LED fixture has a guarantee, and this can be anything from 1 year to 20. Check out our Visconte Bulla range for one of our many collections of lights which feature a 20 year peace of mind guarantee.

Energy Efficiency & Cost of Integrated LED's :

LED’s have revolutionised the market in the world of lighting. LED light bulbs often require a lower wattage, which means they require far less energy to be powered. This not only benefits the environment, but results in lower energy bills as well. The life expectancy of an LED is also greater than your typical light bulb. Quite simply, your fitting will be powered longer for less, especially as LED’s have become more and more popular and subsequently lowered in price over the years.

Reliability & Longevity :

With light bulbs and light features being designed to be a lot more robust, you can rely on integrated LED’s to last you longer. As mentioned previously, they have a greater life expectancy. Not only this, but their overall structure had been designed to be stronger and stronger over the years. The durability results in a less dainty product, meaning we can say goodbye to the days of exceptional delicateness when it comes to fitting or handling a light. You will never have to touch an integrated LED, as it is already fitted for you.

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