The grey skies outside just makes you want to transport yourself to a tropical island filled with palm trees and golden sand. How about adding some jungle vibes to your everyday life without actually leaving the country? You can bring some equatorial wilderness into your home simply by mixing leafy prints and earthy tones. We have some jungle trend inspired interiors to help you out.

What are the hot jungle trend inspired interiors?

Bold colours and leafy prints are definite must-haves for 2016 when it comes to home décor. We have created 3 interior looks inspired by jungle trends that will add a tropical breeze to your living space.


Our Favourite Jungle Trend Inspired Interiors:

Savannah Sun

This style is all about animal prints, earthy browns and succulent greens. Our Spikey Ball Easy to Fit Light Shade made of natural coloured woven bamboo strips is a great lighting choice for jungle trend inspired interiors. Integrate animal motifs in décor by adding hand crafted wood figurines or animal printed cushions. Our Senegal Cushion will be a great addition to Savannah Sun inspired rooms.

Botanic prints will create an exotic atmosphere. Our Floral Tiffany range lights will fit in beautifully. These floral glass fittings will add striking colours and warm ambience to any room.

Finish the look with large plants, such as Ficus Tree or Split Philodendron.

Paradise Found

Inspired by the tropical wilderness and sunny beaches of Costa Rica, this jungle trend shows vibrant tones and delicate designs. Recreate this laid-back holiday look by integrating beachy blues and vivid greens. Combine these tones with light neutrals for a relaxed look. Our Easy Fit pendant light in Aqua features beautiful curved frame that is decorated with raindrop shaped aqua blue crystals. Compliment the blue décor with tropical plants and contemporary botanical prints. Just few decorative elements can make a big difference.

Jungle Gold

This is a more luxurious take on the popular jungle trend. Accentuate the sumptuous greens and add a touch of elegance with the use of gold and brass finishes. Large statement pieces will make a great focal point of the room. Our 1800s Style Vintage Ceiling Pendant Light in Antique Brass would be a great addition to Jungle Gold inspired interiors. Its large dome-shaped shade crafted from metal and finished in worn antique brass oozes of sophistication and charm.

Green will add vibrant energy and cosiness to this elegant look. Integrate it in you interior with the help of design elements or foliage. We absolutely love our Checkers Green Bankers Task Lamp in Brass. Refined design that will add a pop of colour to any room.

We LOVE jungle trend inspired interiors, but which is your favourite look?

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