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  1. Jaxxon LED Floor Lamp - Black
    £215.00 Sale Price £215.00 £120.00
  2. 3 Pack of 5 Watt GU10 LED Dimmable Light Bulb - Natural White
    £21.00 Sale Price £21.00 £20.00
  3. 3 Pack of 5 Watt LED GU10 4000K Light Bulb - Natural White
    £30.00 Sale Price £30.00 £16.00
  4. 7 Watt LED GU10 3000K Light Bulb - Warm White
    £10.00 Sale Price £10.00 £6.00
  5. Visconte Tutti Wall Light - Gold

Items 129-160 of 568

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Introducing intelligent and efficient lighting into your home is a great way to improve the overall look and feel within an interior. It allows you to have a simple style of flowing lighting that really does help to give a more fulfilling tone to your interior’s design.

LED Lighting

Lighting such as LED lights have a spectacular impact on your home, as they look superb but also have some technical features which can really improve your home environment. LED bulbs area seen as the future of lighting, and it isn’t hard to see why when you take a look at what they’ll be able to offer to your household.

LED light fittings are great as they can:

  • give high quality and effective light to your home;
  • help you to save money thanks to their low energy usage;
  • Fittings give you long lasting, reliable lighting;
  • become a staple of your home interiors for years to come.

When you bring a light from our LED range into your home, you know that you’re giving yourself useful and reliable lighting that will remain in your home for years. There are many stylish options when it comes to bringing LED into your home, so there’s sure to be something that will suit everyone’s tastes within our range!

Why buy with Litecraft

Litecraft are one of the leading UK lighting companies, and have some of the best experience in the business. With over 60 years of service, we have a great knowledge of how lighting should be, and how you’ll be able to bring style and grace into your home by using lighting.

Whether it’s a table lamp or a chandelier that you’re after, we have a range of hints and tips on our blog to help you decipher which is the correct one for your home, and if you’re still in doubt you could always contact our customer service teams who would be more than happy to help and guide you towards your next lighting masterpiece.

To get started, simply pop instore or visit us online today to take a look at the wonderful fittings we have in our lighting range!

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