Installation of Products in Bathrooms

Bathroom Zones


Installing lighting in bathrooms can be risky and it is cruicial that you know what and where you can fit a certain light fitting so that you maximise safety. Bathrooms, after all, are considered areas of increased electrical hazard. 




During installation ensure that any rubber seals, gaskets and grommets are intact and correctly in position. 


Products marked IP44 can be used in ZONE 2 and the OUTSIDE ZONES.


Products marked IP44 and connected to a 30mA RCD protected circuit can be used in Zone 1.


Products with no IP markings can only be used in the OUTSIDE ZONES.


When installed and connected electrically, the suitable product should prevent the ingress of water splashing and remain electrically safe in use. This is why it is highly important that these guidelines are strictly adhered to.





Zones Explained:


Zone 0: The interior of the bath or shower tray.


Zone 1: The exterior of the bath or shower tray to a height of 2.25 metres above the floor.


Zone 2: Extends to 0.60 metres beyond Zone 1 to a height of 2.25 metres above the floor.


For full information refer to BS 7671 2001.


We hope this information has helped you understand bathroom lighting zones and the safety issues involved in their fitting. Explore Litecraft's bathroom lighting range here.

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