Black Outdoor Wall Lights

Black Outdoor Wall Lights

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  1. Mersey Outdoor Twin Wall Lantern - Black
    £69.00 Sale Price £69.00 £39.00
  2. Horton Outdoor LED 30 Watt Wall Bulkhead - Black
    £80.00 Sale Price £80.00 £59.00
  3. 2 Pack of Upton Outdoor LED Oval Wall Light - Black
    £40.00 Sale Price £40.00 £28.00
  4. Neri Outdoor Polycarbonate Wall Lantern - Black
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £29.00
  5. Francis Outdoor 1 Light Die Cast Curved Wall Lantern - Black
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £17.00

Items 1-32 of 120

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The lights that you choose to utilise in and around your home have a massive effect on the overall tone and feel of the household, helping you to shape and mould the space to suit your specific preferences and requirements. Each room inside of your home is likely to be utilised for its own unique purpose, so it is important to create a lighting theme inside of every room that will be as practical and effective as possible for its intended function, making it a far more useful space.

Black outdoor wall lighting for your garden

The lighting that you use outside of your home also plays a large part in ensuring that your home is as stylish, practical, and safe as possible by offering the following designs:

  • security light can help to make your home feel safer and more comfortable;
  • accent light can highlight structural features for a more fashionable look;
  • task lighting allows you to utilise your outdoor and garden space more effectively.

Black outdoor wall lights have a simple urban design and are IP44 rated to help them to fit into a wide range of different designs, bringing a very stylish look to porches, patios, pathways and gardens. The selection available at Litecraft comes in a range of different styles, shapes, and sizes, meaning there is sure to be a wall light that suits your home.

Interior purpose lighting

One room which showcases the need for a purposefully tailored lighting theme in each interior is the bathroom, where you’ll need to use specifically protected light fittings to combat the conditions in these areas which can be hazardous to fittings which aren’t designed for use there. Our bathroom lighting range helps you to bring an incredibly stylish image to your bathroom whilst also ensuring safety, which allows you to utilise the room without any worries electrical hazard arising. The range of bathroom lights available in the Litecraft catalogue helps you to give a very fashionable look to the room, creating a lighting theme which works well in tandem with the décor’s designs.

Why buy with Litecraft

Shopping at Litecraft helps you to find the right lights with far less hassle, with one of the most experienced and trusted lighting companies by your side, meaning you can rest easy with the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice. You can shop with us either online or in one of our UK stores to browse our range and chat to our representatives, or alternatively visit our blog page for extra inspiration.

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