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Kitchen Spotlights

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  1. Hugo 3 Light Bathroom Spotlight - Chrome
    £75.00 Sale Price £75.00 £60.00
  2. Ronja 6 Light Ceiling Spotlight Bar with LED Bulbs - Chrome
    £75.00 Sale Price £75.00 £31.20
  3. Frank 2 Light Adjustable Ceiling Spotlight Bar - Antique Brass
    £39.00 Sale Price £39.00 £20.00
  4. Frank 4 Light Wavy Ceiling Spotlight Bar - Antique Brass
    £59.00 Sale Price £59.00 £36.00
  5. 2 metre Track Light Kit with 4 Greenwich Heads and LED Bulbs - White
    £119.00 Sale Price £119.00 £114.00
  6. 2 metre Track Light Kit with 6 Greenwich Heads and LED Bulbs - White
    £159.00 Sale Price £159.00 £149.00

Items 33-64 of 191

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Your home is a place where you’ll need to spend a lot of time and effort on the designs that are used, as the interiors within the household are the spaces where you are likely to spend most of your time and therefore they will require the right feel and tone to be suitable and relevant for the purpose that they fulfil. Each different room around your home is likely to be used for a variation in function, so it’s important to create a lighting setup that is relevant and practical for the specific needs of the room. The way that you bring lighting into your home must be stylish and sophisticated as well as effective and useful, so you must find the right fittings for giving this to your interiors. One great example of how interiors require lighting that is specifically catered to the room’s needs is the bathroom, as you must ensure that the lights you are using are safe for use in these areas due to the hazardous conditions which are present. Our brilliant range of bathroom lighting offers safe and stylish light to the bathroom interiors inside of your home, creating a practical and fashionable theme within the household.

Kitchen Spotlights and Spotlight Bars

There are many different ways to light up your kitchen, meaning you’re sure to be able to produce a theme and atmosphere which suits the purpose and feel that you are looking for. The kitchen is a very versatile interior as it is used for preparing food, which will require a direct and focused style of light, and can also be used for having a relaxed sit down meal with your loved ones if you have an adjoining dining room, meaning you will also have to have a more atmospheric style of light in these areas too! Spotlights and spotbars are the perfect fittings for creating a purposeful style of light for preparing meals, giving useful pools of light to the zones which need it the most.

Bringing these lights into your kitchen’s designs is sure to offer the following effects to the interior:

  • a practical form of illumination;
  • a sleek and stylish image;
  • discreet lighting that can be utilised easily and effectively.

These spotlights and spotlight bars will give an excellent impact to your kitchens, providing a very fashionable modern look to the room alongside a practical and focused beam of light to the area below. To give a unique sense of style to your kitchen island, our kitchen island lights are the perfect fit.

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