Traditional Chandeliers

Traditional Chandeliers

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  1. Marie Therese 9 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Black
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £109.00
  2. Madonna 3 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Antique Brass
    £189.00 Sale Price £189.00 £150.00
  3. Somerset 8 Light Chandelier - Black
    £249.00 Sale Price £249.00 £209.00
  4. Madonna 5 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Antique Brass
    £259.00 Sale Price £259.00 £220.00
  5. L'amour 4 Light Chandelier in Pleated Shade - Grey
    £299.00 Sale Price £299.00 £225.00
  6. Marquis by Waterford Bandon LED 5 Arm Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £210.00 Sale Price £210.00 £141.00
  7. Vara 3 Light Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £80.00
  8. Vara 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £269.00 Sale Price £269.00 £179.00
  9. Bathroom Chandelier with Red Crystals - Vara 3 Light Chrome
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £188.00
  10. Madonna 3 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Chrome
    £189.00 Sale Price £189.00 £150.00
  11. Madonna Easy to Fit Antique Brass Pendant Shade
    £79.00 Sale Price £79.00 £49.00
  12. Somerset 5 Arm Chandelier Ceiling Light - Black
    £149.00 Sale Price £149.00 £129.00

Items 1-32 of 35

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The ways in which you decide to utilise lighting within your interiors are pivotal to the overall feel and impact that your home, as they help to create tone and atmosphere within the household which are vital for giving a room a theme which is relevant and suitable for the purpose that it is intended to serve. Each different interior within your home will require a varying style of light in order to be effective and relevant for the function that it fulfils, so it is important that you spend the time and effort to identify fittings which will be useful and functional. A room such as the living areas is the perfect place to utilise accent lighting such as the soft, warm glow of floor lamps, as they provide a relaxing tone and feel which is ideal for unwinding within.

Traditional style chandeliers

A classic image is one which helps to introduce a sophisticated and classy theme to your home’s interiors, making your home a more inviting and pleasant space to spend your time inside of. This can be created using features such as these gorgeous traditional styled chandeliers, as they provide a refined and stylish look along with a wide and effective spread of lighting that is sure to illuminate the room in a very effective and easy to utilise manner.

Bringing these fittings into your home will allow you to offer the following effects to the interiors:

  • a very refined and elegant image;
  • a wide and effective spread of stylish and useful illumination;
  • a sophisticated traditional theme.

Bringing these lights into your home will give a very elegant and stylish effect, which is sure to produce a wonderful homely feel. As an alternative to this traditional image, you could take a look at our range of contemporary ceiling lights for a more modern look.

Why buy with Litecraft

Here at Litecraft, we offer support to our customers at every stage, helping them to find the perfect light for their home in a simple and less stressful fashion. We have helpful hints and tips on our blog page along with our friendly customer service staff available online and on the phone to answer any questions or queries you may have. Visit us online or in one of our UK stores today to start browsing the Litecraft range.

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