Chandeliers for Low Ceiling

Chandeliers for Low Ceiling

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  1. Marie Therese 9 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Black
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £109.00
  2. Madonna 3 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Antique Brass
    £189.00 Sale Price £189.00 £150.00
  3. Somerset 8 Light Chandelier - Black
    £249.00 Sale Price £249.00 £209.00
  4. Madonna 5 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Antique Brass
    £259.00 Sale Price £259.00 £220.00
  5. Vasca Crystal Bar Large Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £435.00 Sale Price £435.00 £269.00
  6. L'amour 4 Light Chandelier in Pleated Shade - Grey
    £299.00 Sale Price £299.00 £225.00
  7. Marquis by Waterford Bandon LED 5 Arm Bathroom Chandelier - Chrome
    £210.00 Sale Price £210.00 £141.00
  8. 5 Light Chisel Prism Bar Ceiling Pendant - Smoke
    £179.00 Sale Price £179.00 £169.00
  9. Tiara Easy to Fit Shade - Black
    £59.00 Sale Price £59.00 £16.00
  10. Flocked 1 Light Curved Easy to Fit Pendant - Aqua
    £29.00 Sale Price £29.00 £16.00
  11. Bathroom Chandelier with Red Crystals - Vara 3 Light Chrome
    £199.00 Sale Price £199.00 £188.00
  12. Madonna Easy to Fit Ceiling Pendant Shade - Chrome
    £89.00 Sale Price £89.00 £49.00
  13. Madonna 3 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Chrome
    £189.00 Sale Price £189.00 £150.00
  14. Madonna Easy to Fit Antique Brass Pendant Shade
    £79.00 Sale Price £79.00 £49.00
  15. Vara 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier with Red Crystals - Chrome
    £299.00 Sale Price £299.00 £239.00
  16. Somerset 5 Arm Chandelier Ceiling Light - Black
    £149.00 Sale Price £149.00 £129.00
  17. Visconte Corona 5 Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Chrome
    £589.00 Sale Price £589.00 £554.00

Items 1-32 of 35

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The ways that you decide to light up your home are vital when it comes to producing a sense of tone and mood within your interiors, as it is the feature which has the largest impact on the overall atmosphere, therefore dictating what the room is suitable for and how well the room serves its purpose. There is a wide range of different fittings available for use within your home, each of which can bring a completely different tone to the room that is suitable for a different function, so it is important that you identify which features are better suited to the different areas and environments within your home. Accent lighting such as wall lights and floor lamps are perfect for offering a softer and more soothing effect to an interior, which will give a relaxed feel that is perfect for unwinding inside of.

Chandeliers for homes with low ceilings

Creating an elegant tone within your home can be quite a difficult task as you must find the right balance between style and practicality, which can be made even more difficult when you are trying to bring it into a household which has lower ceilings, therefore being unable to incorporate large drop heights. This range of chandeliers is specifically designed for homes with lower ceiling, allowing you to give a fantastic image to your home in a fashion that is suitable and tailored to your needs. The fittings also offer a practical form of light to the room that is great for giving a wide and effective spread of illumination across the room.

Bringing these fittings into your home is a great way to introduce the following effects into your interiors:

  • a very fashionable and stylish look;
  • a practical and effective spread of light;
  • a sophisticated and elegant tone is produced.

Bringing these chandeliers into a household which has lower ceilings will allow you to produce a more effective and stylish feel for your interiors, making them a much more pleasant space to spend your time. If your home has higher ceilings and is looking for a larger, bolder style of light, these 5 arm chandeliers are a fantastic choice.

Why buy with Litecraft

Shopping with Litecraft helps to take the stress out of the light buying process, as you have an experienced and knowledgeable guide to steer you towards the right fittings. Take a look at our blog for any hints and tips, or contact our customer service team with any questions you have. You can visit us online or in one of our wonderful UK stores today to start the search for your new favourite light feature!

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